Margno, Mario Bressi strangled his children with bare hands. Staggering details from the autopsy – Libero Quotidiano


The autopsy of Diego and Elena Bressi leaves no doubt: their father Mario Bressi he killed them with bare hands, strangling them in the night. Horror is added to horror: the twins of 12 from Gessate were found lifeless on Saturday morning in their holiday home in Margno, in the mountains of Lecco in Valsassina, where they had gone with their father for a weekend. Bressi was separating from his wife and would have decided to kill his children for an obscene personal revenge.

We will have to wait for the results of the toxicological tests, underlines the Corriere della Sera, “To find out if he has them in one last gesture of piety sedated before killing them “or if he finished them in that brutal way while they were still conscious. The first rumors showed that at least Diego had been suffocated with a pillow: this is not the case, Bressi looked the abyss in his eyes.

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