Mara Venier bursts into her husband: “You’re a pir * a”


Mara Venier is still struggling with a leg injury: she has removed the plaster but still has crutches. A video “betrayal” of the husband sends the host on a rampage and his answer is as usual colorful


Instantly use the crutch as a battipanni, the husband Nicola who became her personal cameraman immortal and then publishes everything on Instagram with the final joke against her husband: You’re a pir * la. “

Mara and leg problems

Following a fall Instantly had to deal with a fracture and therefore had to bring plaster first, then the brace, and now physiotherapy and crutches. And with reduced mobility, nervousness takes over, but theirony of the Venier that is intact, indeed it has improved

Nicola betrays her and Mara is furious

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The host’s husband, Nicola Carraro, has posted in these hours a homemade video about his wife. Nicola Carraro shared a video showing Mara Venier, use crutches in the rehabilitation period from the fall. And you know that Aunt Mara he is sui generis and, therefore, he uses crutches like a pickguard to help his maid remove the dust from the sofa.

Mara Venier writes on Is to her husband: “You are an idiot”

2 times

A curtain that, as usual, fun and how much its fans and make appear Instantly as “One of us”. To the video posted on Instagram Carraror wrote

“Treacherous videos. I didn’t have time to shoot the whole scene. Beater-like crutch ”

the answer from the host Sunday In she did not wait and commented on the video:

“You are a pirlaaaa #bastavideoatradimento”. # Stamped #amopulire #maritobirichino “.

Carraro, assault videopoter

And it’s not the first time Nicola behaves this way and incurs ire of his beloved: since he discovered this passion of his, nobody is able to stop him, in recent months he has become an authentic Instagram. And among them here are the ironic and funny curtains.

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