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The ombudsman called on the High Court to examine whether more than a quarter of a million dollars transferred to Sarah Netanyahu • Netanyahu’s associates:

Will receive the Medal of Courage? Spokesman Mandelblit
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s associates sharply attacked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit – after informing the High Court that the Permits Committee should examine whether Prime Minister Sarah Netanyahu’s wife should have received a permit to obtain funding for her legal protection in the dormitory case.

Mandelbit wondered whether the $ 270,000 Netanyahu received constitutes a benefit actually granted to the prime minister himself and therefore a permit from the committee is required.

“The Attorney General’s answer to the High Court is further proof of the persecution and sewing of cases against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife,” Netanyahu’s aides said. “The Attorney General’s attempt to reverse the Permits Committee’s decision on the basis of a false reason reveals his true and undisguised intention – to act to replace the Prime Minister.”

Those close to him claim: “Throughout the legal proceedings in the case of the prime minister and his wife, Mandelblit’s decisions are full of contradictions. Whenever he feared that his previous decision would harm his chances of conviction in the case he reversed his decision 180 degrees.

“For example, in 2018, Mandelblit ruled that the Gifts Act did not apply to Spencer’s support for legal defense funding – and now that he feels this decision will hurt his ability to convict – he reverses it.”

The prime minister’s aides added: “Mandelblit was also the man who sent the prime minister to the permit committee to approve the financing of his legal expenses – only to deny him the funding when the committee confirmed that the prime minister could accept it.

“All the actions of the adviser show that his goal is to prevent the prime minister from receiving a fair trial. The adviser prevented the prime minister from funding his legal defense, he is trying to circumvent the decision of 11 High Court judges and the Basic Law of the Government through a ‘conflict of interest document’ that recommends depriving the prime minister of basic powers and ‘silencing’ him, and now he has no authority to reverse the decision The Permits Committee regarding his wife’s legal protection.

The spokesman lost all control. He decided to overthrow Prime Minister Netanyahu at all costs and raced towards him like an uncontrollable train that lost its brakes. ”

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