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Arie den Dekker, the man who injured himself in front of the town hall in Oss on Monday morning, succumbed to his injuries. The police report this after reporting from Brabants Dagblad. Den Dekker (54) had been in conflict with the municipality for years.

The man witnessed a crime and told the police what he knew. His house was then set on fire by criminals.

Den Dekker ended up in the witness protection program, but talked to a man about the situation out of ignorance and loneliness. He was then removed from the program. His lawyer Richard Laatsman speaks of an excessive decision by the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The man was unable to read or write and had no idea of ​​the exact rules surrounding his protection.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service does not want to specifically discuss the situation of Den Dekker, but generally states that the cooperation of a person to be protected is essential. In its own words, the Public Prosecution Service could no longer bear responsibility for Den Dekker’s situation.

Man did not feel taken seriously

Letsman let him know that he feels that his client was not taken seriously. Den Dekker ran into financial problems because he had lost his benefit as a result of the situation. Den Dekker recently stayed with a friend, but he still wanted help or explanation from the municipality.

The lawyer received a voicemail message on Monday morning in which Den Dekker said goodbye, he tells He had previously announced that he wanted to take his own life and, according to his lawyer, Den Dekker wanted to ensure that he was the last person to do such a thing.

According to the police, this is an accident involving a flammable liquid. A spokesperson was not yet able to respond to the fact that Den Dekker had left a goodbye message.

Earlier, several media, including, wrote that Den Dekker had already died in the morning. This was reported on the basis of the Public Prosecution Service and its lawyer. Den Dekker turned out to be seriously injured in the hospital.

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