Malinovskyi’s report cards: usual devastating impact. His stone had made us dream


One of the most fit players in the Atalanta home is without a doubt Ruslan Malinovskyi, author of the temporary 2-1 goal in yesterday’s match with Juventus. Entered just over twenty minutes from the end, the ex Shakhtar breaks the door with his right and proves to be an extraordinary player when he has to kick. For us of his performance is 7 in report card.

Newspapers today agree on newsstands. The Gazzetta dello Sport (vote 7) tells of the “usual devastating impact” from the bench for the Ukrainian midfielder, the same judgment since Corriere dello Sport, for which it only deserves applause. The Corriere della Sera he praises “the stone that made him dream”, that of 2-1. While Tuttosport gives him half a point more, also remembering how he touched the 3-1.

Gazzetta dello Sport: 7
Tuttosport: 7,5
Corriere dello Sport: 7
Corriere della Sera: 7


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