Maldini: “I would repeat the phrase about Rangnick, but it was not against the person. Future at the end of the season”


Paolo Maldini, director of Milan’s technical area, spoke to Sky Sport before the match against Napoli: “It is strange to meet Gattuso as an opponent, but often the roads are divided. What happened between Rino and Milan however, no one can ever delete it. ”

There have been calls from fans for her to stay.
“It is a song that we have been repeating for some time, we want to get to the best of the end of the season and to do this we must avoid these speeches. Then we will make the decisions.”

Have you been notified by the company of future plans?
“Even if they did, I wouldn’t say it. We have to give the team stability. I was very confident and the work done so far has confirmed it.”

Would you repeat the phrase about Rangnick?
“I would repeat it, it’s not a sentence against a person, it was a sentence against a modality. It wasn’t addressed to a person.”

On Pioli and the players.
“I am very proud, I see 90% of the training sessions, I knew that this team was destined to blossom, the lockdown allowed Pioli to make a mini preparation that he had not done. Many new players did well, Rebic, Ibra, Bennacer. .. If I have to say a name I say Kessie, he has become a complete player, with a great evolution, the fact of playing 2 helped him, he surprised me very much. I’m sure this can be a great base for AC Milan. future, to see who will be part of AC Milan of the future there will be decisions made by others and maybe even by myself. Sometimes we also forget the age of the players, we have a lot of young players. We pushed a lot to take two experienced players like Ibra and Kjaer to make them grow. If I hadn’t had Baresi and Tassotti near me as a young man I wouldn’t have done what I did, because I felt safe. There are no cases of teams that have been successful only with young people, the pass ato counts and can be a big boost. That shirt weighs and history is difficult for young people who are not used to doing it. ”


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