Maiella, found the third missing speleologist dead


At 3.30 this morning, the worst hypothesis was confirmed: the third speleologist involved yesterday in the accident in the Roccamorice spring, in the province of Pescara, was recovered lifeless. The Alpine and Speleological Rescue, after identifying the body of the hiker for hours, had to wait for the water level in the cave to drop and then was able to recover the body of Alessio Carullo, 42 years old, from Arielli in the province of Chieti. The man was a geologist at the Speleo Club of Chieti.The water in the cavity was drained by the fire brigade by means of drains. The operation began around 4pm yesterday and given the weather conditions and the nature of the terrain it took many hours. The body will be transported along a narrow path to the nearby road and handed over to the authorities.
To raise the alarm, yesterday afternoon, a man and a woman who were outside the natural cavity and who had immediately noticed that there had been a flood. The 42 year old had been blocked by a flood inside the natural cavity together with two other people, a 31 year old from Genga (Ancona) and a 36 year old from Pianella (Pescara), who were instead recovered yesterday evening and transported by 118 to the hospital of Pescara. They were extremely proven, but in good health. The cavity, in the exploratory phase, had narrow and flooded parts.Water and debris would have entered the cave due to bad weather. The group, which had set up a small field outside the cave and then proceeded to explore the passages in turn, consisted of five people.
These are some Marches and others from Abruzzo from the Speleo Club of Chieti. On site there are Alpine Rescue, firefighters and 118. The mayor of Roccamorice was also present during the rescue activities.

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