Maccabi Tel Aviv: Shimon Mizrahi danced, Amara Studmeier: “I do not know if I will stay”


In the video: Maccabi Tel Aviv – Maccabi Rishon LeZion 81:86

Maccabi Tel Aviv went through almost everything this season, finishing it as sweet as possible: with winning the 54th championship in its history thanks to an 81:86 victory over Maccabi Rishon Lezion. Back to the top of the European Championships and victories over the Euroleague lions in the face of an unprecedented blow of injuries, a corona crisis, isolation and more – it all went over the Yellows this year, who with the last fuel fumes reached the finish line first and lifted the plate for the third time in 2007.

Yannis Sapropoulos saw what the high squad of the Oranges did for Hapoel Jerusalem two days before, so he surprised with a team of Amara Studmeier and Othello Hunter who took the sting out of the opponent’s attack, also stepped up on the side where they scored and led the team in points, when Studmeier stopped the visitors’ comeback With a final quarter from another league, the one where he spent most of his career – on his way to the Final Four MVP title.

“It was the key to victory because they did not expect it, it surprised them,” Sapropolos said at the end about the combination of the two in the quintet. “We forced them to play in a different style than they are used to. It was very important to establish the advantage in the first half. ”

At the age of 37 and after winning the MVP: Amara Studmeier ends his contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv

“I keep fit all year to get ready for moments like this,” Studmeier said at the conclusion. “I am 37 years old and still able to play basketball at a high level, that is a blessing.” Until recently it seemed that the chances that the chin would continue in the yellow next season are slim, but given his appearance in the season’s money time and the fact that Jake Cohen is swaying, it is not inconceivable that the club will consider keeping him. “Will I stay here? I do not know, we will see what the future holds for me. I love Maccabi, it is a great organization “, the player added when asked about it.

It was natural to expect Scotty Wilbkin’s performance, but the senior star suffered a terrible shooting west in which he broke the offside record in one playoff game, with 1/14. In his place came none other than Sandy Cohen, who represented the ethos of Maccabi more than any other player last night. For most of the season he was not in rotation at all and before the final he had a total of three points in the playoffs, but for the decisive game the nationalist went up by a number 1 mentality in the hierarchy and sniped four threes without a miss, en route to 16 points in just 18 minutes.

The Corona virus has broken the tradition of celebrations at Restaurant 206, which cannot accommodate more than 20 people within the existing restrictions, so the group celebrated at the Maccabim Hall inside Yad Eliyahu. Chairman Shimon Mizrahi, who added another championship to his resume 50 years after his first win, was also documented dancing at festivities.

Shimon Mizrahi celebrated 50 years at Maccabi Tel Aviv

“This is a special championship in a season like this, of Corona,” said Mizrahi. Despite all the talk, we managed to bring back the players from abroad. We suffered serious injuries, but this is Maccabi – in the decisive moments we give our souls and win. We reached the quarterfinals of the Euroleague and we could have reached the Final Four. It can not be forgotten and it joins the championship title. ” On the preparations for next season, the chairman added: “We hope that a solution will be found and flights will be allowed and the isolations will be removed. We will see what happens now with the football teams that play in Europe and that will give us a certain indication. ”

Later, the players went out on about 100 fans who gathered outside the hall and got to feel the plate as well. The players climbed to the cube outside Gate 6 and stayed behind the glass to maintain a social distance, while on the other side the fans lit candles and sang in their honor.

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