Lyssavirus. The surveillance activity on the bat population starts, asl in the front line


Monitor the situation constantly and on time so as to reduce health risks. With this objective, a meeting took place yesterday, Wednesday 1 July, in which institutions and specialists called to speak on the case of Lyssavirus that took place in Arezzo in the past days took part.

Inside the headquarters of the Lazio and Tuscany zooprophylactic institute, representatives of the prevention department of the ASL Toscana south east, of the Tuscany Region and specialists of the reference center of the experimental zooprophylactic institute of the Venecia gathered to take stock of the surveillance activities. that the ministry of health is coordinating through the panel of technical experts who study the Lyssavirus case.

“Thanks to the operation of the regional health services – explain by the ASL – and immediately after the first diagnostic investigations and the autopsy checks carried out by the Lazio and Tuscany zooprophylaxis, the presence of the virus was detected and then confirmed and isolated in the Padua office of the Istituto delle Venezie The situation must be monitored with surveillance activities on the population of bats present in the area (coordinated by the technicians of the national reference center). The veterinarians of the zooprophylactic of Arezzo recommend not to intervene on animals in difficulty with bare hands and to request, in case of bite, the intervention of the ASL prevention service and the doctor to avoid any risk for citizens “.

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