London backs down on Huawei: British media anticipate the future decision


LONDON – “UK stop Huawei on 5G ultrafast network”. This seems to be the Johnson government ‘s decision by now Sunday Telegraph. A sensational front but dictated by a geopolitical scenario that has definitely changed compared to months ago.The decision is expected to be announced next week, officially for a technical reason: US sanctions against China, according to British intelligence, would have serious consequences for Beijing’s technology giant, which would no longer be able to guarantee that security. IT that was thought to offer some time ago. So, if the initial plans spoke of Huawei involved up to 35% of the development of the 5G telephone-Internet network in the United Kingdom despite the controversy over the intrusion risks of Beijing and the fury of Trump, now the more or less immediate stop should be decreed . And even the dismantling of Huawei’s existing structures in the UK infrastructure to be built by 2026-2027.



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In reality, the rethinking of London comes mainly for two immediate reasons. Retaliation against Beijing for what is happening in Hong Kong and the new national security law which according to the Johnson government strongly violates the rights, freedoms of the former colony and the agreement of the Sino-British declaration that gave way to sale of Hong Kong to China in 1997 under the mantra “one country, two systems” to limit Chinese influence for 50 years. And then there are American pressures, especially at a time when London has to find a commercial agreement with the Trump administration that can partially compensate for the chasm that will leave Brexit (so negotiations with the EU are going badly) and l farewell to the customs union and the European single market.



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Furthermore, if Johnson confirms his commitment to Huawei with 5G, there would be a serious internal revolt at home by many conservatives, headed by the President of the Foreign Commission in Westminster Tom Tugendhat, who have long been blocking and pushing to loosen relations with China, according to them deleterious and not only in the case of the ultra-fast network for which “Huawei would be a Trojan horse to spy on us”. After the disaster of the management of the coronavirus emergency, the British premier cannot afford a political defeat also on the Huawei case, among other things within his own party. This is why London is now taking a radical step back on a decision, the one on Huawei, formerly supported by former Prime Minister Theresa May and Johnson himself, above all for the limited costs of Huawei and the very high technology compared to other partners. But the Hong Kong crisis has triggered and accelerated probably inevitable dynamics, given the geopolitical context.

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