Lo Wang challenges Yokai demons in the first gameplay video!


As scheduled, coinciding with Devolver Direct the Flying Wild Hog team showed the very first gameplay scenes of Shadow Warrior 3 to the public of the digital event linked to the programming of the Summer Game Fest.

The new chapter of the tightrope walker series signed Flying Wild Hog will bring Lo Wang and his former employer Orochi Zilla fighting against the ranks of Yokai demons that invaded their bizarre world, a representation of the Japan Neo Feudal with creator from Japanese folklore.

From a strictly playful point of view, Shadow Warrior 3 aims to give us an extremely adrenaline experience inside one FPS size populated by monsters to riddle and slice. Our alter-ego will therefore be able to equip many new homicidal tools between lame, Weapons e skills specials to be upgraded during the adventure.

The video gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3 confirms the release of the title during the 2021, but without providing further details on the range of platforms on which it will see the light in addition, of course, to the inevitable PC version. While we’re at it, we remind you that on these pages you will also find the first images of Shadow Warrior 3.

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