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Change everything, Belen Rodriguez. Not just man, with Stefano De Martino now definitively closed after the alleged betrayals and the voices raised by Dagospia on flirting with Alessia Marcuzzi (denied by both). In fact, the Argentine showgirl radically changes her approach towards Nina Moric, historical and bitter enemy, a grudge that arose at the time of the “passage” of Fabrizio Corona from one to the other. Indeed, Moric brought Rodriguez to court who had called her “viado”. But now, as mentioned, everything changes. And it proves it a video shot at the local Anema and Core, the one where Belen swayed in white dressed and clinging to her supposed new flame, Giangi Antinolfi. Yes, because in the video always relaunched by Dagospia, we see Belen Rodriguez and Nina Moric hugging each other, with the latter who in very affectionate ways consoled the former. Incredible, but true. Perhaps, even proof that Rodriguez is going through a very difficult time. And in the most difficult moments we change, we are much more vulnerable …

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