LIVE TMW – Naples, Gattuso blurts out: “That penalty doesn’t go down! Why not see it again?”


Ends 2-2 Napoli-Milan at San Paolo.

Napoli drew 2-2 at San Paolo with Milan at the end of a lively and eventful game. The press conference commentary by Rino Gattuso.

The excitement of the first as an opponent of Milan?
“A lot. You remember as a player, two intense years as a coach and you know that as a child I always cheered for the Rossoneri colors. Then after the kick-off I wanted to defend Napoli and win the game.”

Are two points lost for the game expressed?
“We have created a lot, making a lot of mistakes. The penalty is to be reviewed, they have made two shots and have scored twice. We are giving the opponents few opportunities, but we are taking too many goals lately”.

On the subject of penalties
“At this moment the most complex thing is the question of the position of the hands. If you hit the technical players you always make them slam on your hands, then you understand that it is necessary to clarify. The hands are part of the game of football, it seems difficult without giving the possibility of using your hands ”

Did you say something to Maldini? Must it belong to the AC Milan future?
“The Maldini family wrote the history of AC Milan football. It can only do good”

Do you think of a long future also in Naples?
“I hope to stay in this club for a long time, to write important pages here too. For this city and for these people.”

Thinking of Barcelona?
“It is still long, we will play against them on August 8th. We have to be able to get there in the best way possible against Barcelona. It is not easy to play every three days in these temperatures, you struggle to prepare the matches. It is something new, it is an experience that we will take with us for a long time “.

Do you have any regrets?
“Today we have to be angry, but happy. After Covid Milan put everyone under it, with us it was hard. The regret is great, but the important thing was to make the performance. We could have closed it sooner, but I do not go down that rigor over there. Seeing him again I have to understand why he is not going to see him again “.


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