LIVE TMW – Inter, Conte: “I would like to have Sanchez until the end of the season”


21.25 – Six goals for Brescia and response to Juventus and Lazio. Antonio Conte’s Inter does not let go and continues to believe in something great. The Nerazzurri coach will speak at the post game press conference shortly. Follow her LIVE on TMW

22.08 – The press conference has started

Who did you like the most? – “I am happy to work for these guys. Borja Valero deserves praise, he has always been ready despite the fact that he played little at the beginning”

Happy with Alexis Sanchez? – “I expect it to do well. In fact we never had it: sometimes we want to see the glass half empty, we have done department with Lukaku, Lautaro and Esposito. Alexis can also do better, for sure it leaves me more relaxed in the choices . He’s been playing all the races since we came back, I don’t understand who is asking if more will be used. They are bullshit that makes me laugh. ”

Is there enough time for Getafe to know more about using Sanchez and Moses? – “Alexis I’d like to have it until the end, but I can’t go into corporate matters”

22.15 – Press conference ended


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