LIVE TMW – De Laurentiis: “Osimhen in Castel di Sangro for the retreat? Who knows, that’s the beauty”



11.05 – The president of the Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis. He will do it this morning on the occasion of the presentation of the summer retreat in Castel di Sangro. Due to the close break between one season and another, the Neapolitan team has decided for this summer to change the location of the retreat and go to Abruzzo.

11.33 – The De Laurentiis press conference begins.
“The role of antipathy suits me, but my dislike is a synthesis capacity that Naples does not like. Slowness, human warmth and geographical heat lead us to be different. Instead, I live not only in football, but in cinema, tv, ice cream, cars and buildings and often I have to cut short, seeming rude. There will be a million Neapolitans who will move to follow this retreat, we are an hour and a half from Naples and an hour and a half from Rome. I only knew Castel di Sangro by name and when I got there, I was fascinated by a beauty I didn’t know. Beyond the mountain, Castel di Sangro has structures that I didn’t know. There is a field of football in a stadium and a lighting that was designed for the Under 18 European Championships. When I went in there I saw a stadium with grandstands, seven thousand seats, triple locker rooms and offices I said: but even at San Paolo we don’t have all this stuff … Then other fields, the sports hall and other facilities such as 25 tennis courts. Surprise after surprise: I went on a single trip and fell in love with the place. While maintaining relations with Trentino, and they have been internationally friendly, we have left them the opportunity to make a first withdrawal and then after giving a rest to the players we will remarry from them. There is also a real stadium for me to invite a Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain. ”

On the dates of the retreat at Castel Di Sangro – We play 8 against Barcelona. If we were to go out, after giving 12 days of rest to the players, we will go to Castel di Sangro on the 20th. If we go ahead, we will postpone the retreat always taking into account the 12 days of rest for the players after the end of the competitions “.

“No to Serie A 2020/21 from 12 September” – The somewhat crazy setting of the League was to start again on September 12th, but if one has to give the players rest, he has to prepare the season and in the meantime there is also a break for the national teams. How do you train? Then it is true that not everyone in Europe has Europe in August, but in Europe there are the teams that bill for others too. In my opinion Serie A should start again towards the end of September, I would say on 4th October “.

After De Laurentiis, the authorities of the Abruzzo Region and Castel di Sangro take the floor, specifying that this retreat will not be a makeshift solution only for this summer. As also pointed out by the Neapolitan number one, in the coming seasons this will remain the seat of the second part of the withdrawal of the Neapolitans after the first part in Dimaro.

The questions for De Laurentiis begin.

Can Osimhen also get to Castel di Sangro?
“And who knows, this is the beauty of football … He comes from another continent and still does not have a new agent and still sees that it goes to a nice place like Castel di Sangro. In Naples when our stadium was still a toilet I brought important teams, or not? Against everyone’s opinion, I am the only one in the Italian sport that has an agreement to make any friendly pay-per-view matches. And then the extraordinary thing about Castel di Sangro is that we will do the retreat when we all have, even the new ones, because there will be the second part of the retreat.

Will the Gattuso cycle go on?
“But this is obvious, need to reiterate it? Sassuolo with a 33-year-old player like Caputo is making a difference. Here we are always looking for names, electrocutions. Here instead you must always be humble, modest and you must pedal . Without making proclamations, because then proclamations always go against you … ”

Will there be 4 friendlies on retreat?
“It’s all very on air, we will try to see what can be done locally. Then for others it will be necessary to see others, because some have started before us. A total shit is that we have ECA and UEFA, but they have never decided to tell everyone on the starting tapes on the same day? It is complete anarchy and therefore we will have to see what will happen based on this anarchy. We are very close friends of Liverpool, of Barcelona, ​​but let’s see what happens because then you don’t you are master in the home of others because others also have contractual situations and obligations “.

Benevento in Serie A, perhaps Crotone. Is there a new south wind?
“But Palermo, Catania and Bari are missing …

Will you announce something to us on Thursday in your next press meeting?
“It may be pure, who knows.”

Is this Napoli from the Champions League and Osimhen will be part of it?
“Napoli has been a car from Europe for eleven years. Then this year we had this accident in the Ancellott area and we had to make the recovery, which we are doing. On the day of Ancelotti’s 60 years I had the opportunity to speak for three hours with Gattuso and I were positively impressed by him on that occasion because the world of footballers is a world where there are not many topics to share, while you can talk about everything with him. And then he is not a restless man, but a man satisfied, both personally and economically. They do not need to earn to live, so there is no spasmodic chasing who knows what. He and his wife are people who serenely carry out their profession for love. ”

Ultimatum of Osimhen?
“I don’t understand what ultimatum we were talking about …”.


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