LIVE RE-READINGS – Retreat Castel di Sangro, ADL: “Agreement 6 years +6. Napoli from Champions League, but ancelottiano accident. Osimhen? Who knows …”


12.42 – The press conference ends

12.40 – What will the fans be like? Events and workouts?The President of the Region has said it, even without disasters related to Covid, we will not have to let our guard down. There could be big arrivals, 90% of people tell me that they have not done swabs and exams, we must not trigger outbreaks and we will need a protocol to study with the mayor and the president. In Dimaro there were 1-2 thousand people plus 800 on the lawn, here 7-8 thousand people you should space out … even in contact with the players we will not have to get contamination. On the one hand there is an arrogance, on the other a contempt for all that is serious and you don’t know how many times I had to send those who had no mask to that country? I am always available, but I must protect myself, we must all do it, even those who approach us. Do you know how many tampons you made? I believe we have reached 25 sets of swabs plus 4 serological tests for players, employees, members, I believe up to 2000 swabs. Leave it unpaid, no health is paid to expenses (in response to those who stressed paid, ed). Events? We will not change … if guests who already came will come, but the problem is that people need contact, we have to touch otherwise we are not happy and it is difficult to change culture “.

12.34 – Will Callejon also be on the posters of the retreat? “Who knows”. How long will the withdrawal take? “It depends on when it starts, the maximum is 5 weeks for the agreement, you have to contemplate all the possibilities in the 6 + 6 contract.”

12.25 – The TAS has readmitted the City in the European cups. “We said not to talk about football …”. What will be different from Trentino? “I have only visited Castel di Sangro so far as regards sports facilities, but in one day, I saw there are lakes for entertainment, cycling tracks, forests, looking around you could see different realities. For footballers it will be a village of the sport, I have visited two 4-star hotels, there is everything and more and I think it will be a retreat that will make everyone happy. “

12.22 Ultimatum tweeted by Osimhen?I don’t understand what ultimatum we are talking about … “

12.20 – ADL, Napoli da Champions?It always has been, there has been an Ancelottian accident and we are making this recovery. Just at Ancelotti’s 60 years I talked for hours with Gattuso, I was extremely impressed. The world of footballers usually does not have many topics to share, but you can talk about everything with him, he is not restless, he is satisfied on a personal and economic level with a family that does not need to work, there is no spasmodic chasing a who knows what improvement. They are people who serenely carry out their profession for love and give their best “.

12.10 4 friendly in retreat?It is all in the making, we will see what can be done locally, then for the other teams we will have to see, in other countries perhaps it will recover sooner. A total shit is that the ECA or UEFA never talk about leaving together, everyone has a problem and there is complete anarchy and we will see who wants to play with us, we are friends of Liverpool, of Barcelona, ​​of many teams , but we are not masters in the home of others and many already have contractual agreements to be respected “.

12.00 – Space for journalists’ questions. Will Osimhen also arrive in Castel di Sangro?Who knows, that’s the beauty of the game. Self”. Will the Gattuso cycle begin? “Do you need to underline it? Write what you want. Have you seen Sassuolo, how many goals did Caputo at 32 years of age? You have to be humble, not always look for names and proclamations that always pour against you, something never happens. .. “. And again: “If those who come from another continent and still do not have the new agent, without the old ones, maybe some idiot tells him” but where do they take you? “, But then what do they know, they have another culture, a other religion, even food for them is different. “

11.45 – The president of the Abruzzo region, Marco Marsilio, takes the floor and explains the incredible opportunity for growth for the area thanks to the partnership with Naples: “The agreement will be for 6 years renewable.”

Still application for De Laurentiis. When is Serie A restarting for you? “For me it should start again in late September, or rather on October 4th”.

For ADL, when will the withdrawal begin?After the match against Barcelona scheduled on the 8th, if we were to be eliminated, we will give the team 12 days of rest, then the withdrawal would begin on the 20th. If we had to pass the shift would start later. “

On the resumption of the championship. There was a crazy indication from the League to start again on September 12th, but if one has to let the players rest and then train them for the new season, how do you do it? “.

“Tomorrow I expect two pages in the newspapers to tell about this project. I make you a promise: if you behave as journalists who support Napoli football, giving space to this retreat, I will then answer your questions”.

Su Dimaro – “I immediately found a great understanding with the organizers in Abruzzo, to the point that I immediately made a six-year agreement. So we will go to Dimaro for a first period, but then we will also move to Castel Di Sangro also because I have a real stadium there where to be able to invite Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain. I am very happy and happy to have found another family, a reality to be supported through the promotional-advertising action. Where does what come from, if we can increase with other activities? “.

De Laurentiis takes the floor: “My dislike is a synthesis ability that many don’t like. But on the other hand in Naples there are still the Bourbons. I come from the cinema and I have the ability to synthesize and sometimes I seem rude because I have to cut short. Actually, I love you all. I’m very messed up until Thursday, but I’m open to meeting you to talk about the market. But now you have to help me make the most of this event in Castel Di Sangro “.

A million Neapolitans will arrive in Castel di Sangro, we are just an hour away and many people will move.

Covid clearly limited us in the choices, but Castel di Sangro has structures that I didn’t know about. There is a spectacular football field, I was impressed. We don’t even have certain equipment at San Paolo. “

11.30 – The conference begins, introduced by Nicola Lombardo, head of communication for Napoli. Aurelio De Laurentiis and Edo De Laurentiis were present, as well as the Mayor of Castel Di Sangro.

Napoli presents the retreat in Castel di Sangro with a conference at 11.30 am at the Hotel Britannique. The start will be on August 28 or 29 until September 9. The president of Napoli will introduce the partnership, signed until 2025, Aurelio Of Laurentiis, and the president of the Abruzzo region, Marco Marsilio. You can follow the live on Tuttonapoli.



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