LIVE RE-READINGS – Atalanta-Napoli 2-0 (48 ‘Pasalic, 55’ Gosens): now the Champions League is really far away


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21.26 – It ends here! Napoli stops and falls in Bergamo against Atalanta. Now the Champions really becomes a mirage.

90 ‘+ 3’ – ZIELINSKI! Conclusion from the distance, he blocks Gollini on the ground.

90 ‘+ 2’ – Napoli continues to keep the ball, a race which however seems to be marked by now.

90‘- The referee allowed four minutes of injury time.

88‘- Toloi also leaves the camp, inside Sutolo.

87‘- The double change for Atalanta arrives: Muriel and Tameze enter the field, outside Gomez and Pasalic.

85‘- Atalanta which is now compact, few spaces available for Napoli di Gattuso.

84‘- Napoli spills entirely forward, an important assault by the Azzurri in an attempt to get the game back on its feet.

82‘- Callejon takes a long-range free kick and goes directly to the net: round conclusion, easy catch for Gollini.

81 ‘- GOAL CANCELED! Offside position for Milik, you stay on 2-0 for Atalanta!

80 ‘- DRAWING NAPLES! On the development of the corner ball out of the area on Mario Rui who shoots from sidereal distance! Gollini does not hold back, Milik pounces on the riveted bag!

79‘- On the development of the corner the ball goes to Callejon who then leaves the cross, free the defense of Atalanta.

78‘- Guizzo di Lozano on the left, tries to jump Gosens who finally closes in the corner.

77 ‘ – KOULIBALY! Maksimovic from the right puts in the tense cross, Kalidou crowns that does not find the door of a breath!

76‘- Callejon starts from the flag, frees Atalanta’s defense.

75‘- Napoli wins the corner, the towers rise.

73‘- Another double change for Napoli: inside Callejon and Lobotka, outside Politano and Demme.

72‘- Change in the Atalanta house: outside Caldara, inside Palomino.

71‘- Rhythms dropped when we are now at 70’, more tired teams.

70‘- Guizzo di Lozano on the right, evades the marking on the bottom line and unloads in the center. In some mdoo free the defense of Atalanta.

69 ‘ – FABIAN! Sublime action of Napoli. Ball vertically for the cut of Zielinski, who serves Fabian with the heel: the Spaniard explodes the left-handed, but shoots out.

67‘- Late entry by Mario Rui on Pasalic, the yellow goes off.

66‘- Mario Rui’s very deep launch for Milik, who only comes to spy, without serving any partner.

64‘- Chestnuts breaks through the wing, has space for the cross and tries. Long, free the Napoli.

63‘- Sloping in the area for Lozano, which is faster than Chestnuts and anticipates it: gored on the side of the Mexican.

62‘- Napoli now makes the ball turn, looking for spaces that Atalanta does not allow.

61‘- Mario Rui’s deep cross, the ball reaches Zielinski on the sixteen meters: fake and shot by the Pole, who does not frame the goal.

59‘- LOZANO! First ring of the Mexican, who sows panic in the area, in the middle of three. From a secluded position he kicks, but Gollini is good at closing the mirror.

57‘- Here is the double change: inside Milik instead of Mertens, inside Lozano instead of Insigne.

56‘- A delicate situation now for Napoli, which is preparing for changes to try to get the game back on its feet.

55 ‘- GOAL OF ATALANTA! Pasalic from the right leans in the center for Toloi, in the area the defender on the other side for Gosens who unloads the shot and surprises Meret who is unable to oppose!

54‘- Djimsiti waves to the right, Mario Rui closes with the help of Koulibaly.

53‘- Gomez bowl in from the flag, Zapata crowns but the ball ends out.

52‘- Another corner conquered by Atalanta.

51‘- Politano with a bad bowl in the center, free Atalanta.

50‘- Napoli is not taking advantage but remains in an offensive projection, corner kick.

49‘- Napoli wins free kick on the trocar.

48 ‘- GOAL OF ATALANTA! Atalanta insisted action, Napoli comes out badly and Gomez takes advantage of it and receives on the right. The Argentine only has the opportunity to cross inside, Pasalic left in his own way only in the middle of the area, he steps close to the door and beats the goalkeeper!

47‘- Atalanta does not exploit, Dewa remains in attack.

46‘- Immediately corner kick for Atalanta, the towers rise.

46 ‘- The second half begins!

20.21 – The first half ends here! Napoli and Atalanta arrive at the interval on the score of 0-0!

45 ‘+ 3’ – POLITANO! It stands in the area and crowns on an interesting cross, ball out!

45 ‘+ 1’ – The referee allowed four minutes of injury time.

45‘- Mertens tries a shot from a tight position, Gollini doesn’t let himself be surprised and blocks the ball.

44‘- The Azzurri do not exploit the free kick, Atalanta makes the wall.

43‘- Napoli wins free kick on the right trocar.

42‘- Napoli very shiny under construction, great quality of the blues when setting up the game.

41‘- Beat and retort in the Naples area on developments in the finish. Toloi tries first, then Zapata, both headed, but in the end Duties whistles the foul in attack.

40‘- Atalanta wins free kick on the edge of the Napoli area.

39‘- Vertical launch towards Zielinski that burns the defense, comes out of the poles Gollini who dives away from the head!

37‘- Mario Rui goes vertically to Politano, who unloads backwards. The defense of Atalanta is still closed.

36‘- Insigne tries again from outside, unloads the central shot. Block Gollini.

34‘- Insigne bowl in from the flag, free the defense of Atalanta with Napoli that does not sting.

33‘- Enveloping action by Napoli, ball left on Insigne who focuses and kicks! Detour, corner kick!

32‘- The corner starts from the flag, still free the blue defense.

31‘- Atalanta wins the corner, the towers rise.

30‘- We start playing again!

29‘- Here is the replacement: outside Ospina forced to go out on a stretcher due to a head injury, inside Meret.

27‘- Ospina does not make it, the field was called the change.

26‘- Still on the ground Ospina, the Colombian goalkeeper has difficulty recovering.

25‘- Harsh clash between outgoing Ospina and Mario Rui. The Colombian has the worst and remains in pain on the ground. Napoli’s sanitary workers enter the field.

24‘- GOMEZ! Kick the free kick and go directly to goal, ball towards the second post but Ospina still gets there!

23‘- Maksimovic intervenes hard on Zapata, Doveri still whistles punishment but without warning.

22‘- Possible counterattack by Napoli, but Insigne is quickly tripled in the scoring. Atalanta perfect in defensive folding.

20‘- Gosens very hard intervention on Di Lorenzo, the blues clamored for yellow. There is no duty, only punishment.

19‘- Deep puffed for Gosens, but the outside of Atalanta cannot reach the ball.

18‘- Ball deep for Fabian, who has to fight physically with Freuler. The Swiss have the upper hand.

16‘- On the developments of the corner ball still out to Freuler, shot from distance that ends in the curve.

15‘- GOMEZ! What a conclusion from outside, sudden shot directed to the corner! Ospina relaxes as she gets there! Corner!

14‘- Close combination of Napoli with Mertens and Insigne, but Atalanta still holds up well.

12‘- On the developments of the corner ball out on Freuler who tries to put it back, Ospina anticipates everyone and blocks.

11‘- Atalanta wins the corner, the towers rise.

10‘- MERTENS! Napoli action on the right side, Fabiàn unloads on Mertens who kicks from outside! Shot on the second post, outside!

8‘- Napoli’s fast action close to the Nerazzurri area, the ball ends up in Mertens and then Fabiàn, the corner only bags in front of the goalkeeper but everything is still. Offside.

7‘- Nice play by Politano after the opening of Insigne. Embedded for Mertens in the area, Caldara anticipates the Belgian by a whisker.

6‘- Duvan receives on the left, unloads inside the cross that is put away by the blue defense.

4‘- Fan left for Mario Rui, who completely misses the control and gives the lateral foul. Atalanta in the attack zone.

3‘- After a rebound the ball arrives in Zapata on the trocar, but Koulibaly reads everything and puts a piece in it.

2‘- Insigne tries it! Piled at the edge of the area for the number 24, however slow and easy shot for Gollini.


19.28 – Entry into the field in a staggered manner, as per new habits by virtue of the anti-Covid rules.

19.27 – Teams on the field

19:15 – Umberto Marino, general manager of Atalanta, before the match against Napoli spoke to Dazn’s microphone: “We know that Napoli is a team with great values, it will want to play its game to shorten the distance from fourth place. But we we are aware of our strength, we want to hold this position and we will make life hard in Naples “. Does Atalanta feel the beautiful responsibility of bringing some joy back to Bergamo? “We have lived 100 days of war against a silent enemy. War still going on, we hope to win it. This province and all of Lombardy needs positive messages like those that sport can give”.

19:00 – Naples in the field for heating. The blues will play in the classic blue uniform.

18.30 – OFFICIAL FORMATIONS – Gasperini throws Pasalic and still keeps Ilicic out and in attack Duvan is preferred to Muriel. To the right is Chestnuts and not Hateboer. In Naples confirmed the anticipations of the eve with Politano who wins the ballot with Callejon.

ATALANTA (3-4-2-1) – Gollini, Toloi, Caldara, Djimsiti; Chestnuts, De Roon, Freuler, Gosens; Pasalic, Papu Gomez; Zapata

NAPLES (4-3-3): Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Fabian, Demme, Zielinski; Politano, Mertens, Insigne.

18:00 – Eye to yellow: Naples in Bergamo with five big wary players ahead of Rome (Click here)

WHERE TO FOLLOW IT – Live TV on DAZN and live radio on Kiss Kiss Napoli and Kiss Kiss Italia. Live text with extensive pre and post-match on

LATEST TRAINING – Gasperini without Palomino and the disqualified Malinovskyi, but he recovers Ilicic who will probably be the holder in attack with Duvan (favorite over Muriel) and Gomez who has cleared a bruise. In midfield Gosens and Hateboer regularly on the outside with Freuler and De Roon in the center. In the three-way defensive line with Toloi and Djimsiti there will be Caldara instead of Palomino.

Gattuso will propose the typical formation, with many elements left at rest with the Spal, and only one doubt regarding the attack. In goal Ospina returns, in defense Di Lorenzo is seen on the right with Mario Rui on the left and central Maksimovic and Koulibaly. In midfield, Demme and Zielinski return in the trio with Fabian. In attack with Insigne and Mertens play a place Politano and Callejon with the former favorite Inter.

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Atalanta-Napoli! Napoli at the Atalanta test. Gattuso’s team will take the field with the aim of reopening the fourth place, which would in any case remain very complicated, but also to give continuity to the results and performances. The Azzurri in Bergamo will hunt for the sixth victory in a row in the championship, the eighth in the last nine, to acquire further certainties and in any case send a clear message also in view of the next season. The task is complex because in front there will perhaps be the most fit team after the stop, capable of making the difference in the second half with an excellent physical condition (as done with Lazio, risking the third goal on 2-0 several times , to then reassemble with merit in the second half).



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