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All fifty employees of the Supervision & Enforcement team of the municipality of Schiedam were immediately placed in home quarantine for two weeks after it was found that nine team members have the corona virus. The Municipal Executive has decided this on the advice of the GGD. It concerns all enforcers, but also lawyers and analysts from the team.

Two employees were tested last week because they suffered from corona-like symptoms. When it turned out that they had been infected with the lung virus, it was decided in consultation with the GGD to have all employees of the team tested. In the end, nine officials tested positive. Where and how they got infected is still unclear and is being investigated.

The GGD and the municipality do not want to take any risks and have therefore decided to send all employees home. During the two weeks that the team is not active, their duties are temporarily taken over by the police and employees of the waste collection service Irado, according to the city council. “This will continue to guarantee safety and services to our residents and entrepreneurs,” said the city council.

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