LIVE F1 GP Styria, Qualifying in real time: times and placings


Live broadcast of the Styrian 2020 Grand Prix Qualifying with all the updates in real time and the final results from the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

F1, GP Styria, rain threatens Qualifying


15.46: Vettel first left the pit lane. Very low visibility for chasing pilots

15.45: If he starts with Q1. There is a queue for exiting the pit lane. Fantastic image of cars waiting for the green

15.41: OFFICIAL Q1 will begin at 15.46

15.36: Q1 SHOULD START AT 15.47. Official confirmation is awaited

15.35: In about fifteen minutes you could get on the track. Deadline for today’s qualifying term moved to 19.

15.30: The track, at the moment, is not practicable. The final hypothesis is also to play Q1 and then move Q2 and Q3 to Sunday morning

15.27: There is still no indication of the start of Q1. The organizers will wait until 17 to play the Qualifications. Otherwise it will be tried on Sunday morning.

15.20: Still no news. There is no certainty about the start of Q1

15.12: According to Mara Sangiorgi, Sky’s correspondent, it will be difficult to get on track soon. It rains really profusely

15.10: The Safety Car runs on the Red Bull Ring while the teams await new communications

15.02: The drivers got out of the cars while observing the passage of the disturbance that has been scourging Styria since this morning.

15.00: It started raining again. Postponed the start of Q1. Bad forecasts. According to Sky, the interruption should last about 20 minutes.

14.45: After a morning of torrential rain, it seems that you can run. The weather conditions have improved slightly. Drizzle and the organizers are inclined to send the cars on the track.

The rain it is incumbent on the Styrian GP Qualifying. After final suspension of the Free Practice in the morning on Saturday, the organizers will try to make qualifying play despite the inclement weather. Should it be impossible to take to the track, it is possible to postpone it to Sunday morning or the FP2 ranking Friday afternoon with Verstappen leaders.

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Formula 1 GP Styria 2020, Qualifying: the regulation

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Getty Images)

F1 Qualifying is played using the formula of knock-out. There are three elimination sessions: Q1 to 18 minutes, Q2 to 15 minutes and Q3 to 12 minutes. In the first the five drivers with the worst times are eliminated and in the second as many. The last ten remain the best.

The drivers from the top 10 by regulation must start in the race with the tires used to sign the best time in Q2. Sometimes different strategies can occur. For example, last weekend Max Verstappen with Red Bull he decided to qualify for Q1 with medium yellow tires instead of the soft red ones mounted by the other drivers.

At 15:00 the Styrian 2020 GP Qualifying will begin and a great battle is expected in Spielberg. Mercedes favorite, but watch out for both Red Bull and Racing Point. To understand the value of Ferrari with new aerodynamics updates brought for this weekend.

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