Live F1, GP Styria live: Hamilton wins on Bottas. Ferrari retired. Leclerc: «I apologize to Vettel»


Hamilton wins with 13 “7 on Bottas, Mercedes double. Third Verstappen then Albon Norris Perez Stroll Ricciardo Sainz Kvyat Raikkonen Magnussen Grosjean Giovinazzi Gasly Russell and Latifi

Last round – Norris unleashed passes Stroll of strength and goes sixth. But it’s not over: Perez proceeds slowly with the front wing broken and at the last corner Norris slips it closing fifth. Unbelievable. In the sprint, Perez, Stroll and Ricciardo arrive

70th lap – Stroll throws himself inside Ricciardo and passes it, Norris also takes advantage of it and he also tries on the Canadian, Grand Brawl

69th lap – Contact between Albon and Perez, who had joined the Red Bull driver. The Mexican damages the front wing

69th lap – Stroll risks braking with Ricciardo, contact avoided

68th lap – Pit stop for Verstappen that mounts soft tires to try the fastest lap, which gives 1 point. The third position is still guaranteed

68th lap – Hamilton scores fast laps, Perez no longer seems to keep Albon’s footsteps

66th lap – Bottas tries again and this time he scores the overtaking going up to second position

65th lap – Bottas reaches Verstappen, studies it and attacks him. The Finn goes ahead, but the Red Bull driver is not there and side by side they go through a couple of turns until Bottas has to surrender

At Alfa Romeo, Raikkonen snatches 11th place from his partner Giovinazzi

62nd lap – Norris overtakes his teammate in McLaren and goes eighth

60th lap – Showdown Hamilton who has an 8 “3 advantage over Verstappen who sees Bottas approaching, now at 3” 8. Albon, fourth, continues to see in the mirrors the threatening Perez as well as Ricciardo, sixth, must beware of Stroll’s attacks. While Sainz, eighth, has Norris behind him

Russell’s voice acting favors Albon and not Perez, who gets very angry with the Williams driver

56th lap – At 15 rounds from the end, Perez reached Albon while Bottas gains half a second on the lap on Verstappen and Stroll continues to fight with Ricciardo

Second pit stop for Gasly, who starts with the soft. A strategy that does not seem perfect for the Frenchman of the Alpha Tauri, who seemed to be traveling well in the top 10

Bottas is told by radio that some problems have been found in the data, but the Finn continues to run fast

53 lap – Ricciardo defends himself from Stroll, fighting for sixth position. Perez, who already sees Albon in front of him, travels very fast

Raikkonen made the pit stop, only he was missing, and he started again with soft tires. He is 12th just behind his Alfa Romeo teammate Giovinazzi

Perez also reaches Ricciardo and passes it easily going up fifth. The Mexican is 5 “from Albon

45th lap – Racing Point family duel with Perez passing Stroll. The Canadian is not there and retries the assault on his teammate, but the Mexican holds on

Giovinazzi mounted the soft tires to attempt the ascent to the points area while Ricciardo also played the soft cards

Always Hamilton ahead with 5 “on Verstappen which in turn has 6” 7 on Bottas. Albon fourth solitary, then Ricciardo, Stroll, Perez Sainz Raikkonen (without pit) Norris Gasly Kvyat Giovinazzi Magnussen Grosjean Latifi and Russell

40th lap – Perez after the pit stop where he climbs the middle, like Norris, duels with Sainz and takes sixth place.

Embittered Leclerc for the accident caused with Vettel: «I apologized to Vettel. I am disappointed with how I behaved, today I was absolutely not good, I have to be honest, “he said to Skysport’s microphones.” Today there was an opportunity to do well. It’s all my fault, I take responsibility, I’m very sorry for the team that has worked so hard to carry us forward. I had a great desire to do well, perhaps too much a desire to do well. I should have thought more when overtaking, Seb was my teammate. Today it’s all my fault ».

Meanwhile, after the accident caused by Leclerc and which forced both of them to retire, Vettel said: «I was fighting with two other cars in turn 3. Charles took the inside, I did not expect him to overtake there, I do not think was space. Too bad something happened that we should have avoided. I couldn’t have done anything, I tried to drive as quietly as possible, then I found myself damaged in the car and retired. We could not try the race pace, the car gave good sensations on Friday, but yesterday with the rain we took the wrong road. With the updates I would have liked to do the race … ».

Ricciardo holds fourth place well with Renault, without having made the pit stop yet

35th lap – Change of tires for Albon (medium) while Hamilton holds 5 “ahead of Verstappen which in turn has 8” over Bottas. The Finnish strategy was not the best

33rd lap – Pit stops for Stroll, Sainz and Bottas, all three have medium tires

30th lap – Bottas precedes by 10 “Hamilton and 15” 3 Verstappen, at 24 “always fourth Albon, fifth at 28” Sainz who sees himself threatened by Ricciardo. Not far from Stroll and Perez, the top 10 Norris and Kvyat close. Giovinazzi climbs 11th

Lap 27 – Pit for Hamilton with Pirelli medium, Bottas passes in the lead. Withdrawal for Ocon who slowly enters the pits with his Renault

Lap 24 – Pit for Verstappen with medium tires. In the pits also Gasly who starts with the hard

20th lap – Hamilton increases the advantage over Verstappen to 5 “while Bottas moves to 2” from the Dutchman. Quiet fourth is Albon, Giovinazzi is 13th at 1 “7 from Kvyat

Lap 18 – Ricciardo manages to overcome Ocon and goes into sixth position and now the Renault must beware of the fast Racing Points

17th lap – Ricciardo attacks teammate Ocon, but the Frenchman resists and the two Renault drivers risk contact. Stroll outperforms Gasly well for eighth place

15th lap – Hamilton seems impregnable and goes to +3 “on Verstappen + 6” 6 Bottas +18 “Albon, + 20” Sainz then Ocon Ricciardo Gasly Stroll Perez Norris Kvyat Giovinazzi Grosjean Raikkonen Magnussen Latifi Russell

Perez’s great comeback that overcomes Norris for tenth position. The Mexican started 17th

10th lap – Albon overtook Sainz and rises fourth, Hamilton brings the lead over Verstappen to 2 “5

6th lap – Hamilton +1 “9 Verstappen +6” 4 Bottas +9 “Sainz then Albon Ocon Ricciardo Gasly Stroll Norris Perez Kvyat Magnussen Giovinazzi Grosjean Latifi Raikkonen Russell who took a walk in the gravel

After a few safety car laps, the race restarts and Hamilton stretches on Verstappen while Bottas passes Sainz and goes up third

Vettel retires, Leclerc changes his face, but after 1 lap he retires. A real disaster that Leclerc combined

Incredible Leclerc who tries an absurd braking and hits Vettel, both Ferraris in the pits

Hamilton’s perfect start while Sainz attacks Verstappen, but the Dutchman holds on

The reconnaissance round is over, ready to go

On medium tires are Ricciardo, Vettel, Kvyat Raikkonen, Latifi and Giovinazzi. All the others with Pirelli soft

As in the last Austrian GP, ​​even today for the Styrian GP the drivers knelt before getting into the car in honor of the Black Lives Matter

Just a few minutes to go before the second seasonal GP. Air temperature, 19.8 °, asphalt temperature 39.6 °. Grosjean will leave the pits after the water pump has been replaced on his Haas

As last Sunday, in the front row on the Spielberg circuit for the Styrian GP, ​​we find a Mercedes and a Red Bull-Honda. Change, however, the driver of the W11 who is not Valtteri Bottas, relegated to fourth position, but Lewis Hamilton, protagonist of an extra-terrestrial pole in the rain on Saturday. Verstappen had not been too effective at the start last Sunday, following the Finnish rival, but today he will try to invent something better, also hoping for the thrust of the Honda engine thanks to the work of the Japanese technicians these days. However, considering that the weather conditions are similar to those of last Sunday, the Mercedes could once again play the role of absolute protagonists. Bottas should have no problems getting rid of the splendid Carlos Sainz in the first laps, third in qualifying with a McLaren-Renault who is not yet at the level of the W11, but it will be harder to be right than the Dutchman’s Red Bull. There is curiosity also for the performance of Renault, excellent fifth with Esteban Ocon and eighth with Daniel Ricciardo. Lando Norris, third in the Austrian GP, ​​was sixth in qualifying, but will start ninth for a penalty in the free practice. And Ferrari, on the other hand, will be able to repeat the miracle of last Sunday, when Charles Leclerc reassembled up to second place thanks, more than anything else, to the misfortunes of others? It will be interesting to see if reliability will again be the weak point of many teams (nine retirements last Sunday), but this time the young Monegasque starts from the seventh row and a complicated race is announced for him. Eleventh in qualifying, Leclerc was penalized three positions for hindering Daniil Kvyat and therefore finds himself fourteenth. Sebastian Vettel went better, tenth, who will start from the fifth row aiming to collect points.

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