Little islands jump into the breach for Nadège


Not only does Nadège return to the program, the family also helps her with the great search for a new home. “What you will see in the series is a search with us for a house,” Maxime confirms. “We are going to visit her properties so that she can find another place. She now lives in a neighborhood where cars are set on fire and there is drama.” Maybe it’s in the French air, because the family can talk about drama.

The question is whether the house hunting took place before or after the fuss in the family. The Meilandjes have long been unable to go through one chateau door with the Frenchwoman. The fight broke out when Martien and Erica reportedly sent her home because there was no work, and she complained on social media. Since then, Nadège says she has been taking antidepressants, because the argument is so difficult for her.


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