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The grain on Autostrade has not yet closed, and the discussion on the Mes has been frozen in limbo to avoid feeding frictions with the five stars, and Palazzo Chigi is already having to manage a new front, with the opposition but also with many critical voices within the majority, on the extension of the state of emergency until December 31st. Yesterday morning Conte actually confirmed from Venice – where he was for the tests of the MOSE – that “not everything has been decided yet, but reasonably we will go in this direction”. This raised discontent, predictable on the right, but also very relevant in the center-left.

Pfor the League senator Roberto Calderoli, who understands it, the extension of the state of emergency is undoubtedly “a real bullshit”, designed to ensure “the duration of the government and of the poltrone of this shaky and improbable majority ». And the whole right wing protested, from Giorgia Meloni – who disputes «an instrument of which the government dinspires to do whatever he wants “,” there are no preconditions for an extension “- to Matteo Salvini, who tweets” freedom cannot be canceled by decree “. Even Forza Italia, whom Conte praised a few days ago as “constructive” opposition, used rather harsh words (Mara Carfagna invites the Prime Minister “not to abuse the emergency”, Anna Maria Bernini promises that Berlusconi’s party “will prevent Conte to commission the country “).

The regent of the M5S Vito Crimi minimizes, argues that the emergency “is a purely technical matter, it serves to intervene urgently if necessary”. And in the evening sources from Palazzo Chigi kept explaining that a final decision has not yet been taken, and that if we proceeded in this direction, Conte’s intention would still be to go through Parliament. A caution due to the fact that at the moment there are many criticisms also in the democratic world, within which the idea is spreading that the “full powers” requested by Salvini at Papeete have not been refused and then rely on the “lonely man”. in command »Conte. Enrico Giovannini, an economist and former member of the Colao committee, explains: «Faced with such a decision, I would ask myself on what basis it is deemed necessary to extend the emergency period. And because it is thought necessary to do it only until December 31st. Then I would ask myself where should this discussion be? I believe it should be done in Parliament ».

The emergency, to give just three examples, would allow to suspend some economic rights, bypass tenders, forcefully convert companies to produce certain goods. How would it be experienced by Italian society and the world of production? «We know from Istat that 30% of Italian companies are thinking of closing. These companies need to know now – says Giovannini – if they will have the opportunity to resist or start again. They cannot wait for the budget law, even to prepare for a new emergency whose exact contours are unknown. ” Giovannini also suggests: «If you recognize that we are in an emergency, why doesn’t Parliament remain open even in summer? We also need to change the timing of decisions ».

We are asking for steps from Parliament in these hours in a Democratic Party that no longer seems monolithically aligned with Palazzo Chigi. Stephen Ceccanyou, jurist and democratic senator, reasons as follows: «We all see that the virus in the world is there and that schools and elections will not start again in a completely normal way, however these things are well explained in contradiction to the Houses and not in direct Facebook otherwise damage is created and it is not clear why elections for Parliament have to be held ». Giuliano Pisapia does not miss the gravity of the emergency extension: «To govern, states of emergency are not needed. The basic principles of a country do not provide for man only in command. In recent months – says the former mayor of Milan – there has been not only a massive use, but also an abuse of the dpcm that could only be justified in an acute phase of the health emergency. The extension poses more than one doubt, considering how the current situation is better than that of the end of January ».

Another democratic jurist, Francesco Clementi, raises three very delicate points: «One, will the extension of the emergency make it possible to postpone the date of the administrative elections? Two, the emergency will give the prime minister enormous powers over the reopening of schools. Three, will the new emergency allow, for example, to build hospitals without contracts, to convert companies (as has happened), effectively by expropriating properties, and finally, will there also be an autonomy of the Prime Minister on MES? With the emergency it would be possible to circumvent the need for a Community law. Conte would have found a way to skip all the tiring political dialectic, primarily in the party that expressed it, the Movement of Casaleggio and Di Maio.

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