Lil Mario died, the rapper was killed while he was in the car


Lil Mario is dead. The famous Atlanta rapper died a few minutes ago, shot while he was in a car with some friends. To report it are the American media.

lil mario (via youtube)

The sad news comes directly from America, precisely from the city of Atlanta. Many are destroyed following this news, many fans of the rapper they shared their condolences on social networks for the disappearance of the young street artist. Police found the boy fatally injured in his car near I-285. Specifically, the boy was standing near the E. Mays Drive underpass. The boy, close to 30 years, has spent his entire life criticizing society and fighting for his friends and brothers in Atlanta. It is not clear if he had any enemies, but certainly someone bothered someone if they decided to kill him in cold blood and with this violence.

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Lil Mario died, the rapper was killed while he was in the car

The boy was found dead, there was no chance of salvation for him. The fact had happened before the police arrived and for this there was nothing to do. Now the family and all its community will have to mourn him, as they haven’t even had time to say goodbye. The African American boy was the voice of so many oppressed people who have now lost a beacon of hope.

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