Lifeguards view the driving license for personal watercraft as positive


This summer, jet skiing has become a hot topic around the country. But according to a survey that SVT Nyheter Öst sent out to the municipalities in Östergötland and Gotland, few have received any complaints regarding the vehicle. According to the survey, only Motala, Finspång and Valdemarsvik municipalities have received complaints regarding jet skis.

The Sea Rescue Society in Motala says that they have noticed an increase in jet skis in Lake Vättern.

– We see an increased interest in jet skis and that there are significantly more snowmobiles in Lake Vättern now as well, says Johan Weber, at the Sea Rescue Society.

“Super good for everyone on the lake”

After several accidents and incidents during the summer, the government has now stated that it wants to see a requirement for a driving license for jet skis. The Swedish Transport Agency has been commissioned to produce a proposal for a driving license and compulsory training. Johan Weber thinks it would be positive.

– That you get a general education is super good for everyone who is on the lake. We look forward to the investigation that will be done, he says.

See more in the clip above.

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