Lierse-Kempenzonen gets the most benefit from new format: “We are ready for 1B” – Football news


Lierse-Kempenzonen is the most striking party that benefits from the new competition format. Last season they only finished 13th in the First Amateur class, but next season they will be in 1B.

“Because there were many clubs in financial difficulties, we did not hesitate to apply for a professional license. We succeeded and that is why we are in 1B next season. That means that we are ready for professional football,” says Luc Van Thillo. The last news. “We are a professional club with a full professional core that plays in a professional stadium. ”

“We have our place in professional football. For two years now, we have been with 3,000 subscribers in the first amateur. Our supporters are great, last season we played for about 4,000 men every week. It is fantastic that they are now promoting. ”

Lierse-Kempenzonen only finished 13th last season, but will therefore be allowed to compete in 1B next season. “Last year we had a less season, but we learned from that. We let some players go and we strengthened our core with players from 1B. Although some reinforcements are still needed.”


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