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PC, Xbox One

The trailer for Avowed, the new game from Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment, taught us little about the game, except about the setting in which it will take place. A tasty guy with a good reputation, an individual going under the name Sponger, now claims to have received information from insiders.

Although Sponger has proven to be a good source of leaks before, we recommend taking his information with a grain of salt. That said, here’s what he claims:

  • Fully open world, much larger than Skyrim, more densely populated and with more variety
  • It mainly takes place in The Living Lands region of Eora, at least in the beginning
  • Great focus on world reactions, lighting and next-gen Ai and physics, to which magic somehow capitalizes
  • Teal-time weather systems that affect the world in different ways
  • Very extensive character creator
  • Mod support
  • Large number of factions
  • You can have companions
  • Story: Fight an impending dictator
  • The bosses are already planned and some are huge
  • Gods will influence the game
  • Great focus on locations, images and buildings
  • Two major cities are planned with a lot of smaller ones next to them, with a focus on contrasting wild areas, rivers, mountains and remote areas (you can swim)
  • POE-lore is respected and new enemies are coming
  • Dynamic presentation of dialogues
  • You can kill anyone in the game
  • About a hundred people have been working on the game for two years, a small part of which has been in production for seven months longer
  • The game is in full production
  • Team will still grow
  • Target release: late 2022 / early 2023

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