“Lebanon and Syria will be held responsible for violating the peace”


Tensions in the north: Defense Minister Bnei Gantz this evening (Saturday) conducted a situation assessment, together with Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, following fears of a revenge attack by Hezbollah on the killing of one of its operatives in Syria, and warned Syria and Lebanon of the consequences of an aggressive move on the northern border.

Ganz instructed the IDF to continue the increased vigilance in the sector and to use the necessary measures, emphasizing that the State of Israel will not suffer any violation of its sovereignty. The IDF and the entire defense establishment will act in the face of any threat to Israeli citizens. Defense Minister Ganz also emphasized that the State of Lebanon and the State of Syria will bear direct responsibility for any action taken on their territory.

Earlier, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi paid an unusual visit to the northern border, amid tensions with Hezbollah. Hurt.

The chief of staff was accompanied by the commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, the head of the intelligence division, Major General Tamir Heiman, the commander of the Galilee formation, Brigadier General Shlomi Binder and other commanders. The Northern Command is on high alert. Of one of his operatives killed in an attack in Syria attributed to Israel.

Chief of Staff Kochavi visits the northern border // Photo: Report

According to a report by the Lebanese Al-Miyadin network, which is considered close to the terrorist organization, Israel during the day warned Hezbollah of retaliatory action, through UN officials, according to the report Israel also clarified that it did not intend to eliminate Hezbollah operatives killed in an attack in Damascus. The man was not the target of the attack and he was killed by mistake.

Sources said that Hezbollah rejects all warnings or threats from Israel. According to the same sources, the IDF took steps on the northern border after learning that Hezbollah had made a decision to respond to the active killing in the attack in Syria. It was further alleged that the IDF followed a large movement of Hezbollah members in Lebanon.

As mentioned, last night the IDF confirmed Syrian reports claiming that Air Force helicopters attacked the air base from which fire was fired at Israeli territory this afternoon. Later, a military source told the Syrian news agency Sana’a that at 11:00 PM, Israeli helicopters attacked three positions with missiles in the Quneitra area, which led to two soldiers being lightly injured and several fires. According to Arab reports, heavy damage was done to the outpost.

The IDF statement said: “Recently, IDF combat helicopters attacked Syrian army targets in southern Syria in response to earlier shootings in the Golan Heights. As part of the attack, a number of targets were attacked, including observation posts and intelligence gathering facilities located in Syrian outposts. IDF” He considers the Syrian regime responsible for today’s shooting, will continue to act resolutely and will respond forcefully to any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel. ”

Earlier in the attack, at noon, anti-aircraft shrapnel fired by the Syrian army fell in the village of Majdal Shams in Israeli territory, causing damage to property in the settlement. Local sources in Syria reported to the Al-Miyadin network that Syrian army airstrikes were fired at “A hostile Israeli object.” The sources estimated that it was an Israeli drone. According to them, the aircraft tried to advance towards the south of the town of Hadar and was forced to return to the Golan Heights.

Meanwhile, sources in the defense establishment estimated that Hezbollah would try to avenge the death of one of the organization’s operatives in an attack carried out in Syria and attributed to Israel. Following the estimates, a number of operational axes will be blocked for military traffic, and in a few localities traffic routes are expected to be blocked – but there will be no restrictions on civilian activity in the north.

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