Learn about the impact of Covid-19 on mortality in the European provinces


The Northern Italyobviously, especially the Lombardy Oriental. But also the UK and the central regions of the Spain, the Belgiumthe France Northeast, the Finland Southern. It is here that in 2020 there has been a percentage increase in deaths compared to the average of previous years. It was to collect the data, crossing different sources together Clara Guibourg for the European Data Journalism Network. Infodata started from this information, integrating it with the data Istat on deaths in Italy, to build the map that opens this piece.

The territories colored in orange are those that have seen an increase in mortality, while those in blue have registered a contraction. The flags act as a filter: by clicking on one of them, the relevant country is isolated. A second click restores the original map.

The choice to integrate the data stems from the fact that the Edjn database reported for Italy the deaths updated to April 26. Istat, however, has already released a data update to May 15. Yes, the database built by the European Data Journalism Network does not present homogeneous information from a temporal point of view. Those of the Czech Republic, for example, are updated to April 17, while those relating to Spain arrive at the June 24.

Coming instead to the variations in mortality, the worst figure is up to the province of Bergamo, which compared to the average 2015-2019 (also from this point of view, the years used to calculate the average vary from country to country) saw growth of 147% deaths in the first four and a half months of the 2020. Among the top ten provinces for increased mortality there are also Cremona (+ 119%) Lodi (+ 99%) is Brescia (+ 91%).

Among the other worst affected areas are the city of Madrid (+ 128%) Castilla-La Mancha (+ 104%) in Spain, Haut-Rhin (+ 93%) Seine-Saint-Denis (+ 90%) is Hauts-de-Seine (+ 82%) in France, Mons (+ 84%) in Belgium. Well remember that the data do not indicate that all these people who died more than the average died due to Covid-19. But in a context in which the number of infections depends on the number of tampons performed and the tamponade strategies change not only from nation to nation but, it has been seen in Italy, from region to region, measuring the variation in mortality is the most effective to visualize the trend of the pandemic.

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