Lazio-Sassuolo, the slow motion Gazzetta: the goal canceled by Raspadori was regular


Class 2000, Giacomo Raspadori he experienced a debut from the first minute to scream with the Sassuolo shirt. At the Olimpico, against Lazio, he found his first joy in Serie A in the second half, but already in the first he had scored a goal, then canceled for offside. Second The Gazzetta dello SportHowever, even his first net was regular, as he explains in his slow motion:
“Screaming debut for the 8 ‘Raspadori finds the goal, but in the check on the position the Var Aureliano sends Di Bello to the monitor: the touch that serves neroverde, from the images, seems to be a flagship intervention by Parolo who anticipates Bourabia and not a random deviation, enough to change the trajectory of the ball. Not so for Di Bello, who cancels for Raspadori’s offside, considering him served by his partner. But it seems a mistake “.


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