Lazio powder keg: quarrel in the locker room, anxiety about injuries. E Immobile …


After the defeat with Sassuolo Acerbi he discussed (and then made peace) with the health manager Pulcini: many players contest the wrong management of injuries. The biancoceleste bomber responds to criticism on social media

Lazio erupts. On the field, where he walks instead of running. And in the locker room, where nervousness is king. After the third consecutive defeat, remedied yesterday at the Olimpico with Sassuolo, big words flew between Francesco Acerbi, one of the group’s leaders, and the health manager of the club Ivo Pulcini. The reason for the litigation is the management of accidents. A very hot topic at Lazio and the main cause (for Inzaghi and his players) of the vertical collapse of the team. There was no fight between Acerbi and Pulcini (the company also made a statement to deny that it had gone so far), but the discussion did. Just as, a few minutes later, there was also peace between the two protagonists of the dispute. Acerbi sought Pulcini, the two clarified and greeted each other with a smile. Re-controversy then, but the problem remains. Because the chain injuries that hit Lazio at the start of the championship have been many and such as to create in the group the belief that they have been badly managed by the health staff. The feeling (inside the locker room) is that some injured players have been brought back in advance with the risk of exposing them to relapses (which actually happened). It will not be easy to settle the situation. Also because defeats on the pitch add nervousness to nervousness and end up fueling new tensions.

motionless answers

A similar discussion also concerns Ciro Immobile. Instead, he got angry with some fans who insulted him via social media for the mistakes made in recent games. They did it through the profiles of his wife Jessica and this annoyed the attacker a lot. Who replied to them via Instagram. “Criticize me, but leave my family alone. There are people who forget too quickly what has been done.” A spicy response that the attacker in other times would have probably avoided giving, given that it is a small number of people who are actually “haters” who disguise themselves as fans rather than real supporters. But the moment is what it is and even certain situations, however marginal, are difficult to accept.

It’s up to Inzaghi

Therefore potentially explosive situation in Formello. Inzaghi will have to deal with the complicated task of recompacting the environment and trying to turn the page. The technician will try to do it today. The team will immediately return to work with the now usual count of injured players. There are four in the pits (Correa, Marusic, Lulic and Moro), but there are at least five others in precarious conditions (Cataldi, Leiva, Luiz Felipe, Milinkovic and Jony).

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