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Claudio Lotito he is furious. He who had strongly wanted the resumption of the championship, deluded by the Scudetto dream, finds himself today a team physically, mentally, on the verge of a nervous breakdown and with a qualification Champions still to be achieved. He rightly wants and demands explanations. The post race with the Sassuolo is one of those who leave their mark and discover the flaws of a Lazio that pre lockdown was the best expression of Italian football. Wrong physical preparation. Repetitive injuries and hasty recoveries. The verbal, violent clash, at the limits of the fight, between the defender Acerbi and the biancoceleste medical director, Ivo Pulcini, with a final truce between the two, opened a dispute related to the management of the injured. Too many and badly cared for. Some physiotherapists were also involved with one in particular, who before the match won with Torino had a heated confrontation with the athletic trainer, Fabio Ripert, who also ended up on the dock.

Lazio-Sassuolo 1-2, the highlights

It is a discharge of responsibilities between the health and technical staff to justify such a disaster.
In the middle, hot verbal clashes, from the locker room, even among the players who sometimes blame themselves for the lack of commitment between them. There is the hypothesis of a long retreat: from Udine, next Wednesday, to the Turin match against Juventus on Monday 20 July without going through Rome.
Also this topic of debate between the team and the company.

In short, a season that from triumph risks ending bitterly. There are five points to go to Champions next year, but different attitudes, new players and urgent corporate corrections will be needed for the future. In the present, the desire to defend an honorable second place which is at great risk is enough.

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