Lazio, Inzaghi: “Given everything, but that’s not enough. Scudetto? Dared to talk about it now”


ROMA – Third consecutive defeat, the Lazio can no longer win. The Sassuolo celebrates at the Olimpico. Luis Alberto scores, then Raspadori and Caputo close the games. To the microphones of Sky Sport, the technician Simone Inzaghi spoke of the black period: “The boys put everything they had, but at the moment it is not enough. The episode does not reward you, the draw would have served little against Lecce, but we didn’t talk about two defeats. We must all do more. We talked these days. The moment is particular, we must not disunite, sorry for the 3 consecutive knockouts. I always have the usual going on the field and the other players are not at their best. We lose the games, but we have to score more points. we are back in sight. We made the copy and paste of the lineup, with Lukaku returning to training only 20 days ago. Now let’s get back together. Hopefully someone can come back. We need to catch our breath, there is no lucidity, football is made up of choices. We are wrong in both attack and defense. “

The analysis after the lockdown

“There had never been such a case, we didn’t know how to move in the recovery phase. In the lockdown the boys participated in the sessions on Skype, they trained. We started with individual works, then before the recovery some problems happened which penalized us like the knockouts of Leiva, Cataldi, Marusic, Correa, Adekanye, all important players who unfortunately are not at their best. They would bring rotations. Now the desire is missing. We lack lucidity, three months ago we didn’t take certain goals. Six games are missing, there won’t be many recoveries. No alibi absences. In Lecce and with Sassuolo we shouldn’t lose. The objectives? To score points, our league title is the Champions League. Talking about the championship is now risky. Before the stop it wasn’t, but because of us and other problems we have to look at reality: we are in difficulty, there are still six games left ”.

Inzaghi warns: “We won’t give up”

Title pressure

“I don’t believe in psychological stress. The team made finals, played important games in big stadiums. I was worried about a long stop, a player on the sofa for so long had never happened. Rotations are important, we have lost fundamental players. NI don’t believe in stress, we could have done better. The squad, before the stop, was first in the standings. Leaving the Europa League was an unwanted thing. With the Champions League it is necessary to make wide rotations and determined choices. But in these games, the top players would have given me other possibilities. I can’t give Parolo a break for example, who is 35 and is doing great things. I have Spring kids not quite ready. “

Inzaghi: “In the last 10 days many problems have arisen”

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