Lazio: brawl touched between Acerbi and the doctor Pulcini, big words in the locker room | First page


Lazio is now a powder keg. In the post Sassuolo locker room, the third consecutive defeat happened everything: brawl touched between Acerbi and the health manager of the club Ivo Pulcini, on the dock for the many injuries. Even among the players big words would have flown: someone has been accused of poor commitment and not giving everything on the field. Then the final clarification.DISCUSSION ON THE NUTRITIONIST – The discussion arose following the quarrels away social last week between Pulcini himself and the Lazio nutritionist. On the eve of the match won with Torino there was also a hard verbal clash between the trainer Ripert and one of the physiotherapists. 6 days from the end, now it’s up to Simone Inzaghi to put the pieces back together.

THE LACK OF LAZIO – Later she came the official denial by the company: “Regarding the news released by the press about alleged quarrels and disputes within the locker room at the end of today’s match against Sassuolo, the Company categorically denies and underlines that such news is without any foundation”.

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