Laya, the government changes its position in the EU: Spain accept aid conditionality


The Minister of Foreign Affairs recalled that negotiations are being difficult and that Spain has clear ideas

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Gonzlez Laya

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    Spain need this year bailout and European aid for 150,000 million

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Gonzlez Laya, He has recognized in an interview on Cadena SER that “Spain has the clear ideas” since does not “deny the conditionality” of the aid, associated with the Rescue Fund that is negotiating with the EU to alleviate the economic impact of the coronavirus in the Member States.

These statements contrast with those recently made by the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet. Snchez referred to the rescue as “a precautionary line without conditionality” on July 8 and Vice President Maria Jess Montero went further by asking the PP to defend “that there is no conditionality in the delivery of funds.”

The Foreign Minister has also called not to caricature countries called frugal in the north and “spenders” in the south. He claims that Spain, in addition to accepting conditionality, which has quite clear ideas: all Spanish society will have to put its effort into a recovery plan, It will be like the “basis of contract between Spain and the EU”, looking for a great consensus between the government, the autonomous communities, the employers, the unions and “of course, all the political forces”.

“What we do want is for that to have a framework that offers confidence, clarity, and transparency,” said Laya regarding the aid.

Finallyor recalled that at the moment there is “a kind of foundational moment” at stake for the EU. It justifies the difficulty of the negotiation to several factors: the budgets will be the first without the United Kingdom in the European Union, they will have a rescue fund with transfers and loans, and the geopolitical problems caused by the confrontation between the United States and China.

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