Lautaro to Barcelona for 120 million (70 + 2 players). It is almost done


“Is Lautaro very close to Barcelona? Absolutely yes. Is the deal concluded? Absolutely not”. Thus opens, with these two responses, Marca’s article on the future of Toro.

Lautaro did not leave the Blaugrana orbit even after the terms of the 111 million euro termination clause expired.

“It’s almost all done”, say sources close to the deal, Marca writes. Lautaro, according to the Spanish newspaper, would have valued a total of 120 million euros, more than the value of the clause.

However, Barcelona will not pay all cash but will pay 70 million euros to Inter plus two technical counterparts to reach 120 million. What is missing? According to Marca “two details”.

The first: the transfer of another player after Arthur to make ends meet in the Barcelona home. The second: the definition of the exact price of the transfer of Lautaro to Barcelona. And of course the names of the players who would go to the Nerazzurri are also to be defined. Lautaro will triple his engagement by 2.5 million euros per season and the deal will close in late August“, Says Marca.

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