Laughing at All of Us Inside | Liat Ben-Ari is aware of the construction offense, but does nothing to remedy it and continues to break the law


If Ms. Liat Ben-Ari even tried to tell the people of Israel that she did not know (perhaps she was on a trip like during the hearing?) About the construction offense in the house she and her husband shared in Rosh HaAyin, then there is no doubt that she knows and is aware of it now.

Even if we agree to accept (and we do not agree and do not believe) her version that her husband handled the property as part of a purchase group and she had no idea what was going on in it, now she knows and is well aware of it. For the past two days, the publications have been circulating throughout the media and the social network. Liat Ben-Ari herself responded to the matter through the Ministry of Justice. Now, even her shattered excuse is thrown in the trash and can no longer say that she is unaware of the offense committed.

As already known, the property is registered in her name and in the name of her husband. She signed his purchase (if they signed in her place – this is another offense). The criminal act committed in the property registered in her name and in the name of her husband – according to the wording of the taboo, continues to be carried out even in these moments and consciously.

Commits an offense knowingly. Liat Ben Ari (Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90)

In these very moments, even the taste of “good faith” does not exist, since Liat Ben-Ari knows that she and her husband committed a crime.

Liat Ben-Ari, for the past two days, has not published, announced or contacted any party to demand the liquidation of the deviation in her property and in fact, She is committing an actual offense at these moments and is aware of its commission. This is an even more serious offense, even regardless of her role in the State Attorney’s Office – a role that requires her to be as clean as snow.

But what is to be seen from such a failing, combinatorial system that keeps its members? This is the same lawyer who filed a false affidavit and Mandelblit has already acquitted her by saying that there is no room to open an investigation.

Liat Ben-Ari cannot continue for even one minute in her position and must go home. For less, much less, Yoav Galant lost the chief of staff!

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