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Paola Perego

The Rai defined i schedules for the TV 2020/2021 season, which will be presented on Thursday 16 July. The games are now done and, barring sensational overturns of the last hour, it is no longer time for surprises for those directly concerned: who is there, is there; who is not there, has already made a reason (maybe!). This is the case of Elisa Isoardi, who as it is known leaves the scene from noon on Rai 1, where she returns Antonella Clerici with a new program and a new title, which does not provide House neither Bosco: it will be Always Midday.

The presenter – who will also return in the early evening with The Voice Senior – is part of a daytime schedule confirmed almost entirely. The other news are Serena Bortone with Every world is a country instead of Caterina Balivo, Alberto Matano alone to lead Live Life (for the torpedoed Lorella Cuccarini there is the Zecchino d’Oro) and the new couple at the helm of One morning composed by Monica Giandotti with – probably – Marco Frittella. For the second evening, Monday will still be Monica Maggioni with the new 60 minutes, while Nunzia De Girolamo will conduct an all-male interview talk on Saturday entitled – almost embarrassing – Hi Male.

More movement is recorded on Rai 2. The channel directed by Ludovico Di Meo will welcome Paola Perego, who every Saturday afternoon will dedicate himself to the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren (the title of the broadcast should be The Red Thread), e Milo Infante, back in the post-lunch area of ​​the network with an information and current affairs program. As anticipated DM, also, for Simona Ventura there is a branded content on the weekend, while on Saturday Carolina Rey arrives with Love Game.

News on the second channel also as regards the prime time, with the return of Boss in Incognito entrusted to Max Giusti, the show in four episodes of Enrico Brignano (I would like a single hour) e Renzo Arbore at work for a reissue of the historian Trial in Sanremo and a free evening for the centenary of the birth of Renato Carosone. The insight will be with Francesca Fagnani and Alessandro Giuli a Second line. It is also provided Unposted, the documentary about Chiara Ferragni’s life. There will not be, however, Fabio Fazio, returning to Rai 3.

Rai 2 will pay close attention to the second evening: we will talk about economics with Annalisa Bruchi and Dario Cazzullo a Restart, while one is scheduled comic strip with Valerio Lundini. And then Second Life with Laura Tecce, Antonia Truppo and Gianvito Casadonte with Cousin Set to talk about the restart of post Covid-19 cinema and a new commitment with Sabrina Giannini.

Finally Rai 3, where Franco Di Mare confirms all the main events of the network, to which Fazio adds with his What’s the weather like, Massimo Ranieri with a “more confidential musical transmission” entitled Seconds and at the end of the year the new effort of Franca Leosini (What happened to Baby Jane?, which will tell about the restarting and reintegration into society of those who have served their sentence). Two changes of conduct in the morning stand out – for different reasons: Luisella Costamagna in Agorà instead of the ‘promoted to Rai 1’ Bortone e Federico Ruffo to Mi Manda Raitre instead of the ‘trombato’ Salvo Sottile.

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