Last minute… Fire panic in the hospital in Istanbul! Patients evacuated


According to the information obtained, a fire broke out in the intensive care unit on the fourth floor of a private hospital on Esenler Menderes District Shooting Area Street. Allegedly, the first response to the fire that started in an electrical device was done by hospital staff.

Many firefighters were sent to the hospital upon notice. While the fire was under control by firefighters, patients and staff were evacuated from the hospital, which was covered with heavy smoke. It was learned that there was no injury or loss of life in the fire.


Esenler District Governorship, who made a statement about the subject, used the following statements:

* A fire warning was received at the intensive care department of the 4th floor of a private hospital operating in the district of Menderes Mahallesi, Shot Area Street at around 20.30 today.

* Firefighters were dispatched upon the notification in question, and the fire started in an electrical device according to the first information received was extinguished by the intervention of the firefighters.

* We did not have any injuries and loss of life in the fire, and 9 patients who were hospitalized due to the smoke formed were safely evacuated to other services. An investigation has been launched on the subject. IHA

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