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Zuyderland successful with groundbreaking corona research, farmers’ protest on Wednesday, but not in Limburg, Maastricht is cutting back on mobility scooters and more Limburg news.
Zuyderland successful with groundbreaking corona research
They are conducting groundbreaking corona research in the Zuyderland hospitals in Geleen and Heerlen. Doctors there significantly reduced the mortality rate among the most severely affected patients. These are patients whose immune system overreacts. This causes inflammation, which can be fatal, anywhere in the body. By treating those patients with corticosteroids, which tackle the infections, possibly supplemented by treatment with an anti-inflammatory drug, mortality decreased by two thirds. View the entire report here
We are less and less compliant with the corona rules
Just as we have resumed our lives a bit, the number of corona infections is rising again. Not very hard, but sparsely. The virus is flaring up, in many places abroad, but also at home. Research shows that we keep adhering to all precautions, such as keeping a meter and a half away and staying at home with complaints. Are we on the right track? At the table we speak with Hubert Bruls, former mayor of Venlo, now mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the Dutch Safety Regions. View the entire report here
Peasant protest on Wednesday, but not in Limburg
On Wednesday, large-scale farmer protests are planned, but not in our province. That says the Limburg spokesman for Farmers Defense Force. View the entire report here
Protest of mobility scooters in Maastricht
The scooter is an indispensable part of today’s street scene. The means of transport is a solution especially for elderly people with walking difficulties. Because that’s how you get somewhere, literally. But the municipality of Maastricht will cut back on the carts. That is bad news, they think in Maastricht, so they held a protest there. View the entire report here
Ruud on the road in Thorn
For seven weeks we make daily reports from various places in Limburg under the heading ‘Route Regio’ in L1mburg Central. Today reporter Ruud van Broekhoven in Thorn is looking for summer stories. View the entire report here

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