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Korona brought you a large number of yellow-beak caravanners – but what should they and other road users know now? – Cars


Caravans can also use their own behavior to promote both their own and others’ traffic safety.

With the passing of the spring and increased domestic tourism, in addition to experienced veterans, a lot of brand new caravans have appeared on Finnish roads.

In short, it can be said that motorhomes and caravans can fit on the roads, as long as we follow common rules of the game together and take into account every mover – in addition to ourselves.

According to Liikenneturva, the importance of a sufficient safety distance, both for the motor vehicle driver and for the following time, is emphasized in the caravan opening.

For example, a fair distance allows visibility in front of the car in front and makes it easier to anticipate situations.

At the same time, there is time and space to act if you see something in front of you that requires, for example, slowing down.

Driving is also calmer and more economical thanks to safety distances.

It is therefore a good idea to let those hanging in the rear bumper pass, but if that doesn’t work, you should refrain from driving ahead. The same can happen if you see the above driving too close together.

– Occupants of motorhomes and caravans should occasionally get past the accumulated queue by stopping for a moment, for example at a resting place or bus stop, instructs Liikenneturva’s liaison manager Tapio Heiskanen.

– With the new Road Traffic Act, a maximum of 3,500 kg of motorhomes can be driven everywhere in accordance with the maximum restrictions, so it is worth avoiding overtaking if it is just an old pattern of behavior, and there is really no need, Heiskanen continues.

In bad weather, maintaining safety distances and general foresight are very important.

Load carefully

The same principles apply to the loading of a motorhome or caravan as to the loading of any other vehicle.

Foresight also plays an important role in this, and keeping even very small objects in place is important in a moving vehicle.

Each object should have its own locked or tied place where it stays in place when the speed changes due to, for example, sudden braking or dodging. Goods move easily even with slow and moderate braking.

In terms of physics, it can be said that in a collision at 50 km / h, the mass of a piece is already about 40 times, which means that, for example, a detached pet, flowerpot or bag can move in the cab with the force of hundreds of kilos.

In motorhomes with a total weight of up to 3,500 kg with a B license, the actual driving mass in running order with full gas cylinders, water tanks and fuel is already approaching the upper limits of the total weight, so there is little room for extra cargo.

– If the total weight planned for the car’s chassis is exceeded and the springs lie on the bottom, the car’s controllability will be reduced, Heiskanen reminds.

Watch out for blind spots

You can’t see everything in the mirrors of any car, so you should always avoid driving in the shadow of others.

The structures of large vehicles cause more visual obstructions, which accentuates the blind spot and the small passenger car can easily go unnoticed by the driver of a large motorhome without special attention to the sides and vice versa.

Turning also requires skill with these vehicles, as at the right angle and at the same speed, a cyclist approaching from the rear is virtually invisible and the rear axle cuts quite a bit when turning inwards. In this sense, too, anticipation and flexibility are therefore important for all parties.

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