KNMI: number of warm nights tripled Inland


KNMI has listed the warm nights of five monitoring stations (De Kooy, De Bilt, Eelde, Vlissingen and Maastricht) in the period 1951-2000 and 2001-2019. This shows that the number is greatest in Vlissingen and the smallest in Eelde. “In general, the number of warm nights increases as the location is further south and closer to the sea. You can see the damping effect of the sea on temperature fluctuations here, ”says the KNMI.

Where in the first period there were about four warm nights in Vlissingen every year, the number in the period 2001-2019 is 13. In almost three of these the temperature is even above 20 degrees. Then there is a tropical night. These have also increased considerably. “The relative increase in the number of tropical nights is even greater,” says the KNMI. They go from less than once a year to three.

According to KNMI, previous climate reports have already shown that the night warms up faster than the day.


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