Knesset Speaker Against Spokesman: “Selective Enforcement Raises Its Ugly Head”


Tonight (Sunday), Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin posted a scathing post on Facebook against the Attorney General. “To prevent extremists from abusing the situation to create anarchy,” Levin wrote.

“The incidents are being used to disgrace the country’s symbols, severe threats of assassination and unprecedented incitement against the prime minister and his family, violent riots, cases of extremist attacks by extremists and rallies that deliberately disregard Ministry of Health directives.”

Levin further notes that in his opinion the Attorney General does not respond to the events: “Precisely when we need determination on the part of law enforcement authorities, we encounter a lack of real response on their part, including on the part of the Attorney General. The prosecuting authorities should act as police officers on the ground.” “Determined in the face of the violent demonstrations. The serious incitement to assassinate the prime minister requires a decisive response, and the contempt of the menorah symbol in front of the Knesset must not be wrapped in empty slogans about so-called freedom of expression.”

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