Kirk Hammett, “When I got the call to join the band, I was sitting on the toilet”


In a recent interview with Metal Hammer UK, the guitarist of METALLICA, Kirk Hammett, said the following about the day he received the call to join the band to replace Dave Mustaine:

“It was April 1st [1983] and I was sitting on the toilet. I got the call from Mark Whittaker [ingegnere del suono della band] and after hanging up, I asked myself, ‘I can’t believe I just got this call … is it an April Fool’s Day?’ A couple of days later they sent me a tape but I already had their demos. I said it to the boys of the EXODUS and they took it badly. I remember that Paul Baloff he got so pissed that he poured a pint of beer on my head. He said to me, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this, Kirkand poured beer over my head. […] I always felt guilty for abandoning them but I also left him a lot of music. Many pieces that I had written ended up on the first album[‘[‘Bonded By Blood‘of 1985]and also recorded other songs that have never been released “.

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