Kelly Preston, the latest interview with John Travolta’s wife killed by cancer. It is the third drama for the Hollywood star


Worse than in a noir script, the Hollywood star John Travolta face another misfortune. The wife Kelly Preston, 57-year-old Jerry Maguire actress, died of breast cancer on 12 July.
A tragic series of bereavements considering that the young Travolta in 1987 lost his partner at the time, the actress Diana Hyland (41 years old), also deceased from breast cancer. And that the great pain of his life was the unexpected death of the firstborn Jett, 16, in 2009. The couple have two more children She e Benjamin 20 and 9 years old.

To announce the death of his wife was Travolta himself via social media: «It is with a deeply grieved heart that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with breast cancer. She fought bravely, surrounded with love and support from many ». “Forgive me if you don’t hear from us for a while,” wrote the star of Saturday Night Fever. “I will take the time to be with my children.”

Travolta and Preston had met on the set of The American Experts and married in 1991, when she was already pregnant with the eldest son Jett. «Without Kelly today I would not be here»: with these words the actor had described his wife to us at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, at the world premiere of their third film side by side, Gotti, about the Italian-American mafia godfather. Nobody could have imagined that it would be their last film together and the last interview before Preston retired from public life to fight cancer.
And so, without rhetoric, goodies or effect phrases, with the sweet smile and kind gaze, the actress in that last interview told her pain.

Why did you decide to relive the loss of a child in Gotti, as you faced in reality?
«There is no greater loss for a human being, not even if your husband was missing. I staged that excruciating torment because it can make a difference, appear vulnerable and suffering comforts and helps those who live in a similar situation. At the beginning the pain was intolerable, I relived it every single moment of the day, a constant reminder. Over time it has changed its face and has transformed itself ».

It is the third time that she has acted with her husband. Were there not few?
We always had fun together, he is so magnetic that at home I always ask him to imitate me or to recite the lines of a character he is working on, just for the sake of seeing him transformed before my eyes. When he starred in American Crime Story I woke him up to ask him and he said, “No, come on, at least let me open my eyes and have coffee.”

The secret of your wedding?
It doesn’t happen by itself, you have to build it on a deep and mutual knowledge. You have to talk to yourself, evolve without leaving the other behind and avoid bringing up topics that irritate him. Neither John nor I love to fight, so we’re the perfect couple on this front. And then he also says that I’m his favorite dance partner. On the other hand, I tell him that he is my pilot of the heart, in flight I consider him a true ace, he never loses control or launches in reckless maneuvers. That’s why I will always travel by his side.

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