Katz’s decision: The issue of protection for social workers will be budgeted at NIS 70 million


In the negotiations that have taken place in recent weeks between the representatives of the social workers and the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance stated that many details of the agreement have been met that meet most of the demands of the representatives:

At the same time, the workers’ representative chose to postpone the details of the agreement due to its desire to negotiate a permanent wage agreement, which is not possible at a time when a state budget has not yet been approved by the government and the Knesset. ”

Nevertheless, and out of a commitment to guarantee the personal safety of social workers and a great appreciation for their dedication and help to the general public, today (Tuesday) the Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, decided to immediately budget the issue of protection for social workers. Between the Ministry of Finance and social workers.

The protection program will be launched immediately and independently of the continuation of negotiations with the social workers. As part of the plan, an answer will be given by the end of 2021, when the total budget for the issue of protection for this year will be NIS 70 million.

Minister of Finance Israel Katz: “I am full of appreciation for the dedication of the social workers and their contribution and help to the general public. “I pledged to listen and resolve the issues at stake, as I did last night with the chairman of the Brothers and Sisters Association.

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