Katz came down from the fence to make order – not to oust his officials


The personal post published this evening by the Director General of Finance, Keren Turner, forced the Minister of Finance Israel Katz Rebuke her, in a most unusual move even for a tumultuous and struggling office like the Treasury. Katz, who has so far sat on the fence in the ongoing struggle against the budget commissioner in his office, was forced to intervene this time to show that he controls what is happening in the office.

Turner tonight posted a personal post on her Twitter page revealing the emotional turmoil in which she finds herself, in the face of the harsh, sometimes violent criticism leveled at her fellow finance officials and at Meridor in person. She did so even though she knew she would be portrayed as defending her wing members against the background of her prolonged acquaintance with Meridor (Turner began her professional path in the budget wing alongside Meridor). Turner probably also assumed that her remarks might also be interpreted as an implicit criticism of Minister Katz, who appointed her to the post two months ago, and who refrained from publicly backing the professional echelon in his office.

It will be recalled that yesterday, Netanyahu shared a post by MK Shlomo Qara’i accusing the “finance officials” and Meridor in particular that they are working to thwart the government’s plans. Evidence of such acts will be dealt with within the disciplinary framework of the Civil Service. ” In the wording of this announcement, expressions of expression of trust, or backing on the part of the Minister and his officials stood out in their absence.

Turner’s tweet “forced” Katz to comment on this.

Those who spoke with Katz in recent days were under the impression that the Minister of Finance has no desire to respond to voices calling on him to oust the budget commissioner in his office, Shaul Meridor. Katz has at least three good reasons not to oust Meridor at this time. First, it is not clear whether there is any practical possibility of ousting Meridor, a step that requires a government decision. Second, overthrowing Meridor in the midst of an unprecedented economic and budgetary crisis could have dire consequences for the way the state conducts itself in the markets. And thirdly, Katz himself is not interested in replacing Meridor because in his view this does not serve his interests as finance minister.

Katz, at least as it emerges from private conversations, does not recognize that the demand to replace Meridor also comes from factors that do not prevent a political agenda. He is convinced that behind the initiative to replace Meridor are stakeholders, some from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Just as he does not call on Netanyahu to replace officials in the prime minister’s office, so he does not mean the hours for calls made by Netanyahu’s associates to remove officials in the Treasury.

Katz’s view has a clear division between the professional echelon in the Ministry of Finance and the political echelon. The political echelon is the one that makes the decisions and the professional echelon performs. Dismiss and dismiss officials in the office. To those who ask him, Katz mentions that this is how he behaved as Minister of Transportation for nine years. He knows Meridor well and is confident in his ability to work with him at least until the next budget. On the other hand, Katz sees no need to announce a backup Him to a frontal confrontation with Netanyahu and his associates.

In this context, it may be mentioned that even during Kahlon’s time as Minister of Finance, Meridor did not receive public backing from the minister in charge. It is therefore not surprising that a minister coming from the Likud will not side with his officials while the head of his party chooses to blame the budget commissioner for the failure of government policy in the economic field.

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