“Kate sent flowers, Megan made it clear it’s not enough”


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The Biographical Book on Prince Harry andMegan Merkel, “Finding Freedom”, has not yet been published – and yet, the dramas around it keep floating. Additional excerpts from the book reveal new details about the complex relationship between Merkel and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. The two have reportedly never been able to connect with each other and Merkel has not for a moment stopped expressing her great disappointment that Middleton has never “reached out to her”.

According to the authors of the biography, the biographer Omid Scooby And the journalist Carolyn Durand, The duchies were forced to treat each other politely but did so with great difficulty as they had nothing in common other than the fact that they both lived in Kensington Palace. We will stop for a moment to mention that less than a year after the royal wedding of Harry and Megan, the Dukes of Sussex, were exiled from Kensington Palace and moved into a progamore cottage on the Windsor estate. The decision to remove Harry and Megan from the palace came with the aim of separating the duchies, who were unable to get along with each other and even caused a rift in relations between the prince brothers.

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New revelations released yesterday (Monday) revealed that despite Merkel’s repeated claims that Middleton did not ease her life when she joined the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge tried to appease her sister-in-law and sent her a bouquet of flowers to rectify the situation. “Megan got the flowers and told Kate unequivocally that it was not enough,” she said. Katie Nicole, The royal reporter for Vanity Fair magazine. It was further reported in the book that Harry and Megan had invited the William And Kate to their home but the two never bothered to come, and while Kate decided to resolve the issue by sending a bouquet in honor of Megan’s birthday, the latter was angry that Middleton had not even checked on her well-being.

Earlier this week, associates of William and Kate first addressed the accusations made by Harry and Megan and in an interview with the Daily Mail said the Dukes of Cambridge “spread the red carpet for Megan and did everything in their power to get the American actress to be part of the royal family”. According to insiders, “William and Kate welcomed Megan with open arms and even invited her to stay at their home in Norfolk and Kate even cooked a vegan meal for Megan. It’s just wrong to claim they did not speak and it is a mistake to say the Cambridges were not hospitable. How can you say William “Kate was not warm or pleasant to her when they hosted Megan at Christmas and did everything to make her feel at home. They personally cooked her favorite vegan food.”

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Finally, some dry but impressive details: Although the biographical book is only expected to be published on August 11, it has already been crowned as the best-selling book on Amazon UK. In addition, he is officially at the top of the media giant’s bestseller and fans of royalty around the world have already made sure to pre-order the book. According to the authors of the biography, the two have spoken to over a hundred sources, including close friends of Harry and Megan, personal assistants, palace staff (past and present) and even boast that all written information has a cross-reference of at least two sources.

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