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Kanye West scared the stage at her first election and an exceptional eruption soon began – fans were worried – Entertainment


Kanye West arrived for an extraordinary election in a special style.

Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West held its first election campaign on Sunday in Charleston, South Carolina. The subject is reported, among other things BBC.

The 43-year-old rapper has announced that he is running for the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

West arrived for an exceptional campaign event in a special hairstyle, as the rapper had driven the numbers 2020 into his back of his head.

The numbers 2020 had been shaved on the rapper’s hair.

West’s occasion has garnered tremendous attention due to its emotional charge and straightforwardness. The rapper spoke at the event about, among other things, U.S. abortion legislation.

According to West, abortions should remain legal, but mothers with financial problems should be offered financial support to enable them to support their children.

West suggested the solution is that “everyone who would have a baby would get a million dollars”.

West burst into tears as he revealed that his own parents almost ended up having an abortion while they waited for the rapper to come.

– My father wanted to have an abortion. My mother saved my life. It wouldn’t have been Kanye West because my dad was too busy, the rapper finds out and bursts into tears.

Kanye West shed tears when she talked about abortion.

West also reveals that he considered his wife Kim Kardashianin with the first couple of children North Westin abortointia.

– I almost killed my daughter, West shouted at the election crying.

– Even if my wife divorced me after this speech, she brought North into this world even when I didn’t want to.

West also spoke to an African-American 19th-century freedom fighter Harriet Tubmanin. Audiences loudly resented speeches related to West’s freedom fighter.

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just made the slaves work for other white people,” West said.

Kanye West photographed in her first election campaign.

Kanye West’s special election campaign has raised concerns about the rapper’s mental state. On Twitter, there was a lively discussion on Monday about the rapper’s well-being and the special content of his event.

– I just hope Kanye is ok. That’s all I have to say, included one tweet.

The twins also relied on West’s wife Kim Kardashian. Many felt that the election was an indication that the West needed help.

– I hope Kanye gets the help she needs, a woman tweeted.

– Kanye West needs professional help and the people in her life clearly don’t care about her at all, was the message of a third worried fan.

Some fans believe West’s election campaign is a publicity stunt. Speculation was fueled by a tweet released by West on Saturday in which the rapper lists songs from his new album. West deleted the tweet soon after it was released.

People magazine according to the source, the rap artist is going through a manic phase.

– Kanyella has been doing well for a long time. He has suffered from both manic and depressive episodes in the past, and now he is suffering again, the source said.

health Library according to two-way mood disorders are characterized by consecutive periods of depression and mania.

According to a People magazine source, Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian is worried about her husband.

– Kim is worried, as is their whole family. This is really stressful for Kim because Kanye’s behavior is so unpredictable, the source says.

– Episodes of illness usually last for a few weeks and then things return to normal. Kim hopes that happens now.

Kanye West’s peculiar behavior has raised concerns about the rapper’s mental state.

People magazine reports that in 2018, Kanye said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 39 years old. In the same year, however, West withdrew his remarks and said he had been misdiagnosed and was suffering from a lack of sleep.

In 2019 Vogue magazine However, Kanye’s wife Kim said her husband has accepted that she has a two-way street. Kim said Kanye does not use drugs for her illness because the drugs “change her true personality”.

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