Kanye West holds (very) remarkable campaign meeting


In the US state of South Carolina, 43-year-old Kanye West held his first campaign meeting yesterday. Only people who registered and wore masks were welcome.

Abortus in porn

All in all, the meeting lasted a little over an hour and the presidential candidate was occasionally inimitable. For example, he spoke out against porn and abortion. When it came to the abortion his own father had insisted on, he broke down in tears. “My mother saved my life,” he said. “There wouldn’t have been Kanye West just because my dad was too busy.”

He said that he also wanted an abortion when his wife Kim Kardashian was pregnant with their oldest daughter. “I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter!” He then shouted.

Throw for president

The rapper said two weeks ago that he wanted to make a bid for the US presidency. Although supported by Tesla founder Elon Musk, there were also many negative reactions. Opinion polls also showed that West could only count on a few percent of the vote and thus stand no chance of running for president.

Last week, several US media reported that West is not up against current US President Donald Trump and his main challenger Joe Biden. But with yesterday’s meeting, he still seems willing to make a bid for the presidency. Whether he is serious? That remains unclear.

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