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Juve does it all. Dybala gives spells as long as he remains on the field, even if that yellow is very heavy. Ronaldo is released on a free kick, Bentancur towers and Cuadrado on the right does what he wants. Badly the Bull, Belotti and Verdi are not enough to avoid a heavy knockout. These are the report cards dthe Calciomercato.com.Juventus-Turin 4-1


Buffon 6: day of the record, single career, normal performance. Well on Verdi, rigor almost or not learnable.

Cuadrado 7: we eat Aina and anyone who gets in his way, devastating.

De Ligt 6: dominates over Belotti, then that arm that is a little wide and a bit unfortunate reopens a game already closed and will keep him out against Milan.

Bonucci 6: even today, ordinary administration.

Danilo 6.5: holds the position, with experience controls the dangerous cuts of De Silvestri. It also goes to the conclusion more often than expected.

Bentancur 7: he is the reference point in midfield, always positive in the double phase.

Pjanic 5.5: at low rhythms it plays the bank, carries out the homework and lasts less than 50 minutes (4 ‘s.t. Matuidi 6: a time to find the condition).

Rabiot 6: third in a row as a starter, he finds Sarri’s trust.

Bernardeschi 5.5: at the decisive moment, the choice of play is often wrong (10 ‘s.t. Douglas Costa 6.5: in a few seconds he produces more than Bernardeschi had done before him. Always bet the opponent, he is fine and it shows).

Dybala 7.5: in a state of grace, he doesn’t even need to raise his pace and gear, he does what he wants when he wants. Eighth goal out of eleven in the league that arrives at 0-0, beautiful even if with the guilty complicity of the grenade defense. And the goal of doubling arises from its magic in its own trocar. Half a vote less because that yellow obtained by simulation will keep him out against Milan (35 ‘s.t. Higuain s.v.).

Ronaldo 7: seeks the goal, finally finds it on a free kick after 80 games in black and white. And before he had baked assists, Bernardeschi spoils, Cuadrado thanks.

All. Sarri 7: a good first half of Juve, which then frays in the second half while remaining the owner of the field. Fourth victory after the resumption of the championship, seventh in a row after the knockout of Verona. However, winning a 4-1 derby is never a feat to be taken for granted. And now a good test: with Milan, without De Ligt and Dybala.TORINO

Sirigu 6: the least guilty of all on Juve’s goals, on Ronaldo’s he also touches the ball before he slipped into seven.

Izzo 5: desperate intervention on Dybala’s shot which is decisive on the occasion of the 1-0, a complicated game starts badly. Spends a yellow foul in an avoidable area of ​​the field, will miss the direct clash with Brescia.

Lyanco 5: wins the ballot with Nkoulou, but to be one who must command the defense he ends up too easily on the ground in the penalty area.

Bremer 5.5: in his area they come from all sides, try to limit the damage (37 ‘s.t. Djidji 5: a handful of nightmarish minutes).

De Silvestri 6: pushes and controls, he is not the weak link of the Taurus.

Meité 6: low rhythms, after all it is what he tries to get his companions out of the shell.

Lukic 5.5: on the pitch in place of Rincon, he takes his leg and little else.

Aina 5: asphalted by Cuadrado, it loses too many balls. And he parries Danilo’s shot which then turns into Ronaldo’s 3-1 free-kick (37 ‘s.t. Ansaldi s.v.).

Greens 6.5: has the merit of obtaining the penalty, in general he appears the most perky of his (22 ‘s.t. Millico 6: accumulate minutes and experience).

Berenguer 5.5: to man on Pjanic, when there is to attack, however, you notice too little.

Belotti 6: only against the black and white giants, on the day of Buffon’s records is he still the one to score him on a penalty as four years ago.

All. Longo 5: the Bull reorganizes only after the goal of Belotti’s hope, but a false start like that had already compromised the match plan. The choice to keep Nkoulou, Rincon and Ansaldi out will be weighed after the result of the direct clash with Brescia.

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